The other day, this girl i used to be extra cool with was on some shit… and made a comment saying that i only date nonsubstanial females…. i was so fuckin mad i didnt know what to do. Mind you this is somebody who had a thing for me, just like i had a thing for them. it just never went anywhere because a whole buncha reasons.

But damn? Nonsubstantial?

i had to ask two people what that shit EXACTLY meant, just incase i happen to be wrong. that shit damn near ruined my day. my feelings wasnt hurt… i just wanted to cuss her ass out. that is some fucked up shit to tell a muhfucka. She was saying that i mess with females who lack substance… who aint about shit… dont do shit… dont know shit… aint shit period… they just fuckin there for the hell of it… taking up space. that shit dont exactly speak well for a nigga… you know? then…. my ex didnt make shit ANY damn better by agreeing with ol girl. aint that fucked up? i had to make sure she knew that ol girl was talkin about HER ass too… espeically because she didnt like her. So now im fuckin fuming… thinkin back on my self like… damn? do i really be trying to talk to retards? Then i had to run to Syl and ask her… i been knowin Syl for a min now she should know. Thank God Syl disagreed or i was about to feel bad about my damn self and get to cussin, throwin shit back on muhfuckas… givin out complex’s n shit. i was hot lol. but naw… Syl ( my free shrink lol ) pointed out some shit that pretty solid that had me on some fuck them niggas shit.

Basiclly what happen was…

all the females ive messed with and took seriously ( or showed an abnormal amount of attention to ) all had substance. they were all about something, doing positive things with thier lives.

one is gonna be a lawyer, ( she hasnt made up her mind on what kind yet lol international business or entertainment ) she is in her senior year at a good school out here… and im hella proud of her. and imma be kinda upset if she goes some where far away to law school.

one was GONNA be a lawyer… should be a fuckin lawyer… but she hella lazy lol and she makes tha same amount of money doing WAY less… so i feel her there lol ( love her to death no matter what )

one never got that serious about, but i let her come to my house on GP which says a books worth lol and i told my parents about her… which says even MORE… she is hella cool… we are still friends… she speaks like 8 different fuckin laungages, has a degree in…….. somethin computer related… but she just started her own consulting company and should be hella sucsessfull sometime in tha very near future.

one was studying to be a brain surgion (sp)… i liked her a whole bunch… she got hit by a drunk driver head on a couple years ago… they thought she was dead… i miss her.. last i talked to her she was doin ok. but its been a min… i hope she is still doin ok. sigh…

one graduated high school with honers… yap yap yap… she is a couple years from being a CPA… ol punk ass… she was fun though… i say highschool because she broke up with me right before her senior year… right after i had just graduated ( 97′ she got out in 98’… dont want muhfuckas thinkin im some kinda pedofile lol )

one is about to graduate from college with a marketing major…. i think… i always forget… i know she tired of tellin me lol im proud of her too… i remember when she used to take tha bus to junior college and be tooooo pissed off about it lol

one ( tha muhfucka who made tha punk ass remark ) is in school majoring in…. some shit… but she wants to be a corporate lawyer… shes actually pretty damn smart ( till she slipped up with her ol skanless ass comment )

one is pretty damn smart too… she just doesnt know what she wants to do with her life. she can do anything she wants… shes good at a whole lotta shit. she is just havin a hella hard time making up her mind lol.

im leavin a couple muhfuckas out… but i think thats enough evidence… i havent talked to THAT many muhfuckas. ( even tho muhfuckas will hype it like i have… assholes )

but… let me not hype shit all the way… because you are always gonna have your fill-ins lol. tha females that served there purpose weither they knew it or not. everybody has a couple lol… sometime you just cant help it lol

but that still doesnt make tha females i date nonsubstantial… ( because for one… i dont date… ive only EVER been on like 5 dates my entire life… fuck that ) the ones that i have messed with ( they were never ‘girlfriends’ ) that wasnt about too mucha shit… i dont talk to anymore… it was just a passing thing. it was cool for tha moment… shit happen, niggas move on to bigger and better things lol.

but the ones that i either was with or was talking to i still know… we are all still cool ( for the most part )… and shit didnt work out for a bucket fulla fuckin reasons… but we are still cool, i still keep in contact ( or try to ).

But when a nigga thinks back on shit… i almost cant blame those two for sayin that shit, because it was brought to my attention that i dont exactly speak well on any of them. well… maybe a couple of em… if i ever mention them at all. which is fucked up on my part. i had people hating people that hadnt ever met because i would speak so foul of them. i would always get ugh… fuck that bitch… and didnt know why. i used to think i knew a ganga jealous ass females… like damn homie… what she do to you? lol. but yea man… it was all my fault. i didnt mean to do it at all… and it wasnt me sayin fuck that dirty slut or anything… i would only speak on tha shit that used to piss me off about them… or somethin i felt was kinda fucked up that they did too me. it was never anything good… never lol. and i never realized it. to PG in particular im really sorry… there were alotta people not liking her that she never knew about or knew of or anything. and i made her out to be some kinda super villian in my life, which was super fucked up of OJ. So im sorry 🙂 and i hope she forgives me.

anyway. it was all OJ’s fault… i was wrong… i can admit it… my bad…

from now on i will only talk bad on tha muthafucka(s) that deserve it ( she know who she is ) lol

and i will super hype it to make up for all tha wrong i had people believing lol

lol that song is tha guts!

Tha Roy Jones track?


ummmm… can somebody tell me what happen to Sandra Levy? What about Gary Condent? did they ever find ol girl? everybody just forgot about her ass… i wonder did her parents forget about her too? or are they just HELLA PISSED that nobody gives a shit no more?

cold business…

dont get it twisted… i dont nessicarlly “CARE” i mean… its cold how ol girl came up missin and all… loving parents miss thier child… but people come up missing all the time just like people die all the time… what makes this case more speical than any other case? you know? if i talked about her missing all the time… id have to talk about ever body to ever grace a milk carton… but its not that i dont care… its just that………………….. well shit i dont know… i have my own problems to worry about. you know?

but isnt it funny how events change a muhfucka perspective.

tha whole nation was trippin off one person missing… and tha one muthafucka that COULD have been responsible….

now its a couple THOUSAND muhfuckas missing….. with another couple THOUSAND muthafuckas responsible… or kinda responsible… which ever one… somebody got to be blamed!

anyway… i was just thinkin about that shit….

i just saw some shit on tha news…

says that Lip Art is tha hot new shit… what it is… you paint (females) dots and starts and hearts and other bullshiit on their lips……………………… and its suppose to be tha newest thing… yap yap yap… look for it… you will be cool if you do this.

psshh oooooor you will get talked about if Tha OJ see’s your dumb ass walkin around with your shit painted all kinda retarded ways…

lipstick is already a pain in tha ass…

muthafuckas be markin your shit up… tryin to get niggas busted n shit.

and i know one retard who cant even wear tha shit cuz she eat it ( ??? )

and then… dont let that shit catch on in tha hood…

because you KNOW some retard will take that shit to tha next level… paint they baby daddy name on they shit or somethin else super fuckin retarded.

fuckin star wars.

tell me if im wrong….

but the news and everybody else hypes tha fact that people cant drive while they are on thier cell phone. people say that they arent as focused on the road and cause accident and yap yap yap.

but correct me if im wrong…

but isnt talking on tha cell phone… just like talking to somebody in the car with you?

and on top of that! shouldnt tha shit actually be fuckin EASIER!

i mean…. if you think about it. when you have your phone ( or ear peice ) to your head, you dont have to look over at no damn body ( tha person in tha car that you are talkin to – for the slow people – ). so in essence… you get to talk… with out taking your eyes off the road. so if you think about it… it should be safer almost.

People do a ganga shit while they are on the phone.

why is driving while your on the phone so damn dangerious?

is it all hype to sell ear peices?

or are muthafuckas just dumb asses?

shit…. i can fuckin drive while im on tha phone.

people do a ganga shit while they are on tha phone… cook, clean, chat, change the oil in your car ( if your oj lol ) so why is shit so different when your rollin?

i dont get it.

but ok… lol

i fixed this shit yet again!

now! when you click on a comment… that shit doesnt go back to tha fuckin top…

that shit was irritating tha FUCK out of me!

Xzibit video for “what you see is what you get” was tha livest hiphop video ever…

and Drop by the pharcyde

Me personally… i wish X would have stuck to his old style…

but now that nigga is super gangstaed out… but hey… i feel dude… he gettin alotta exposure. hopefully he will get back to tha shit he was on before… still live never the less tho!

Syl brought up a good point one day….

and i was pacing around… waiting for these last few songs to download… and i thought about it.

Where do all the good looking people be?

if you think about it… when you go to the grocery store… you hardly EVER seen anybody worth talkin to. i mean almost never… when you go to the DMV its like a colaboration of the most folded people in the area… but time out… where is tha couple of decent muhfuckas you went to school with… or saw at tha light that one time… or at tha mall?? i know good looking people have to provide for them selves. why are they never spoted in public? do they all have some kinda secert outing time? and if they do… why didnt nobody tell my black ass? i KNOW im not ugly… i aint fuckin spectacular… but im knowin i aint ugly. hmm… well… i do know some ugly muhfuckas… thas probably why nobody has said shit to me lol.

ehh fuck it…

shit seems odd tho.

mind you this comes from the person who is predjudice against ugly people lol

am i tha only nigga that be mad when you download some shit and you here this nigga dj clue on tha shit…

and here yo ass go downloadin every track by that name… hopeing that nigga aint on there givin shout outs screamin his name n shit.

but whats tha fucked up thing… when eventually you give up… you listen to tha shit and just ignore dude…. but then when you hear a version with out that nigga… your not used to it…. fillin in that nigga part n shit to your self like… clue clue clue… aannnn rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr or wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooo



i understand tha nigga wants people to know who brought tha shit to you… but damn homie be fuckin up tha verses… and im pretty sure there is a less annoying way to go about lettin people know that clue did it.

but whats EVEN worse than that…

OTHER dj’s went and started doin that shit…. first it was Flex… and it wasnt so bad… but he has since doubled up on his representation on a record…

then some guy named DJ Kay Slay…. dont know WHO this muthafucka is… but his tracks are ALWAYS on some horrid quality shit…. soon as i hear homies voice…. dj kay slay from around the way!! lol corny muhfucka… i delete all his shit… it sound like he put two bomb boxes next to each other and push play on one… and record on another one…. lol however… i did hear that nigga get live with DJ envy once… shit was tha guts.

only muhfucka i aint really never heard on a track was Tony Touch….

but ill be DAMNED if its hard to find Tony Touch mixed tapes…

*im lookin for that 50 MC’s shit if anybody got it- decent quality only please lol

shit make a nigga hate to try and get that advanced copy of shit before it come out. damn.

Dont get it twisted tho…

i support the artist, depending on who it is… if they are gonna go plat… pppsshhh they dont keep my couple cents… but if the cd is live enough ill go and get it and delete tha mp3’s ( a nigga is down to 5gigs )

ok… i fixed the broken links…. and the comment shit is at the top.

for those who didnt notice…

oh yea…

and i took off the music… that shit was irritating me.