Uhmah Park

Poorly Constructed Plans- Case 897

The story you are about to read is true… the names have not been changed because the muhfucka who is about to type this shit out could care less and does not give a fuck about protectin the muhfuckas involed. There is this female i know, back in the IE ( inland empire- bout a hour outside LA ). Her name is Shenette ( at least i think thas how you spell this muhfucka name ). When i grauduated from AB Miller in 97 she was a sophmore. As far as i can remember. She was a lil bitch. None […]

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the apes. You ever hear a white person try to call a Black person a monkey or any form of primate? Well i am happy to inform who ever wants to listen that these individuals are flagrantly misinformed. When you look at it… when you take you a monkey… and you SHAVE that muthafucka… who do it look like? Not my Black ass, or any other Black person I know. However I do know who they resemble overwhelmingly lol. Pounding the facts a little more… Monkeys have no lips. And just to make the murder complete. You ever […]