odahley holmes

finially did that shit….

it took me a cool one…

kwasi helped me ( henceforth tha super shout out lol )

woulda included more muhfuckas…

but i didnt have decent pictures of everybody…

dah well

my site is ALMOST done…

but by the time im all the way done… it will fuckin be time to come with some new shit….

skanless huh?

anyway… next project?

the bumble bee story version 3!

dont know what tha bumble bee story is?

dont worry about it… you will soon come to know tha bumble bee story oh too well my friends!

who ever thought of that fuckin name needs to be kicked…

thas just fuckin nasty…


When i first saw tha previews for Harry Potter… i was like damn… looks like it could be good…

THEN! somebody told me that shit was 2 hours too long…. and tha shit is only 2 and a half hours…. lol

So when i was begged to go… i wasnt all that excited about it…

but fuck it… i went…

OJ says:

Good Movie.

And speaking of Good Movies…

i hope Ali is good!

it fuckin better be…

or imma be mad…

it comes out on x-mas day….

and since i dont partake in tha shit..

i will be at tha movies….

and imma block everybody on my friends list till they emailed me a scaned ticket stub from tha movie…



there is a city in texas that is 94% ese ( latino ) populated….. tha name of tha city is called Brownsville…

that shit is tha guts to me for some reason….


on that same chart… it showed that 97% of East Los Angeles is occupied by latinos….

and imma make sure to NEEEEEEEEEEVER take my black ass back thru there…

i dont giva fuck! those odds are just too much for me lol

some of them fools dont like niggas lol

rollin thru there just dont fuckin seem smart!

i mean… before… i never really thought about it… not like i had any damn business in East Los… but shit….. ill stop and get gas… or go to a mc donalds or some shit…

but now… that i have that not stat that reads 97%?!?!? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit

im cool…. ill just wait till im in alhambra or fuckin azuza or some shit lol


im having the worst week ever….

dammit all to hell….


ok… so maybe the text was too small before…


ill admit…

im not the nicest guy…

i dont refer to muhfuckas in tha nicest ways lol


cross refrencing the oppisite sex with professional sports will always be the guts to me!

The names?

please refer back to : this shit for further explaination….

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: does she have a picture?

Chi-Town Playas: not online but i got one

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: oooh

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: how she look?

Chi-Town Playas: u know how u have hall of famers

Chi-Town Playas: then all stars

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: yea

Chi-Town Playas: then starters

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: yea

Chi-Town Playas: and the 6th man?

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: .oO( i feel a set up )

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: yea…

Chi-Town Playas: ok, u know how when tyron lue used to come off the bench?

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: LMAO!!

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: damn!!!

Chi-Town Playas: average

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: dont do it! lol

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: so she comes off the bench only during blow outs?

Chi-Town Playas: on the team but aint playin much

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: lol gotdamn lol

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: fuck it… might as well lol

Chi-Town Playas: she aint like the ones who just wear warmups n shit

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: lol like the ones who get a ring anyway?

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: who only played when tha coach was pissed

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: the one who gets crossed up during practice?

Chi-Town Playas: LOL yeah

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: LMAO!!

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: damn!!

Chi-Town Playas: role player

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: naw… role players get PT homie lol

Chi-Town Playas: oh yeah thats like 6th man n em

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: they average like 20 min a game n shit lol

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: you talkin like…. ol girl only score on free throws lol

Chi-Town Playas: or the lay up line

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: damn lol

Chi-Town Playas: come in, get fouls, sit down

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: LOL!!!

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: somebody kinda like…. hmmmmmm

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: whats that muhfucka name….

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: madson!

Chi-Town Playas: yup

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: who play like 10 or 20 min one game…

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: or like 5 games in a row…

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: but then wont play for another 9 games or some shit

Chi-Town Playas: yeah

Los Angeles Gang Bangers: i got you

lol cold business….


Damn i almost forgot….

tha homie put me on to tha fact that November is Native American Heritage month…

( now that i think about it i could have mentioned something about this shit before ) damn… can you say slap in tha fuckin face?


that shit is just too gotdamn awful for words.

i cant even bring my self to cuss a whole bunch about tha shit… ( could have something to do with tha fact that im half sleep ) that shit is disturbing….


coltrane is hard…

and to make it even better…

its a tight ass site!

just when i thought there was no good resources on the internet… i accidently stumbled on to this…

thumbs up

Syl brought me back a jazz book from madi gras (sp)

i scaned a picture of him out of it and made a desktop

buss it

sigh… imma practice my strangulation techniques when i find the bastard who broke into me and syls cars and stole our shit ( two of my coltrane cd’s where in there )

Man… did anybody see inside the nba last night??

did anybody see dominque wilkins let barkeley HAVE IT!

two hand style…. boosted on that ASS

gotdammit i havent seen some shit that bad in a LONG TIME!!!


yes… we love…… ‘tha soup’