So thats Sharane? I see why this man talked about her all album lol. This nigga just stood there while she stole the show. I didnt even notice he wasnt rapping the first time I saw this video lol. I may have risked an ass whoopin going to see her back in the day myself lol.

That Lincoln is my dream car. I will own one. Eventually. I cant wait. You wont be able to tell me SHIT in that thing! When I get my Lincoln, Im going to talk all my homegirls into making a twerk video on my shit just like that too lol. Im not going to stand there in the video though, I dont wanna see me like that lol. I just wanna watch. Its going to be great. I sure I have at least 5 homegirls who are down lol

This is a great video; Kendricks dad is the gotdamn guts. Great imagery all around.

Im starting to like Kendricks videos, they all seem to tell some kind of story or follow some kind of story line.

On the road to the riches and diamond rings, Real Niggas do Real Things.
Hangin with the bitches is the song I sing, Real Niggas do Real Things.

This isnt a remix or anything, from what I understand this is from some mixtape. Originally I heard it was from a demo. None the less, this nigga killed that shit. He shouted out Death Row and everything. Not many people have heard this, Ive come to find out. So  this is me sharing. Because that represents caring. And I do care. Or something like it.

One of the ways I hype myself to get off my ass, is play this song. Riches, Diamond rings, shit like that.. I need in my life.


am I wrong cuz I wanna get it on till I die

This is my new favorite song for a while lol.

I love James Brown. The Big Payback is one of my favorite songs of all time. Probably because I love revenge lol.

People like to say that Revenge is a bad thing. People say that no matter how much Revenge you get, Revenge will never make you feel better. I agree.

Revenge will never make you feel better all the way. Not even as much as you want to when you have nothing but Revenge in your heart. Revenge will never take away the pain of the wrong that was done to you.

Yet, I still absolutely love Revenge. I love stories about Revenge. I love to have my Revenge.
When Im out for Revenge, Im not out to make myself feel better. I know in my head and heart that no matter what I do, I will never feel better about what was done to me; I am fully aware of that going in and im OK with it. Knowing that truth, doesnt weaken my appetite for Revenge at all.

Why? Because fuck you thats why lol. Thats really all I can hear.