I so need to start blogging more often lol. Anyway, this shit is fucking awesome. Jay came through on his verse, but its clear that K dot was having none of that out shine me on my own song shit. Thats what the fuck I’m talking about.

“When I heard that thing he sent back I said to myself, ‘I can’t be no floozy on this mother—er for sure’,” he said. “All them years of being in the studio, all them years of writing, all them years of freestyling and just being a student of the game don’t mean sh– if I can’t live up to this track, at least by a little bit being beside a legend in it.”

Gemini’s are competitive.

The Cover on the sound cloud page really says it all.

Here goes the Flex Interview on how everything happen. 


Fuck… speaking of the cover tho. A nigga needs this picture hanging up in his house some where. I feel like it will keep me more focused on the shit I want to accomplish in my life. Seriously lol.

The Chevy Spark is a small car, but it has 4 doors. We piled in and did a couple of laps in the parking lot. I couldnt even fit the coworker homies in the picture (stupid instagram nazi crop lol) We were stuffed in that mf lol. My head is at the roof #527 lol good times at work

This man Eman is fucking dumb lmao. Out of complete bordom, a few years back, this man decided to go out in the front yard and built a snow man and named it OJ the snow man because I believe snow is a creation of the Devil himself (because it most definitely is). So this year, randomly out of no where; here comes Eman again, with a new version of OJ the Snowman, with a damn story. LMAO


Snowman: psst
Me: ….
Snowman: PSST!!!
Me: Jesus Christ are you fucking kidding me…again?
Me: Thisisntreal thisisntreal thisisntreal
Snowman: Thas how you gonna treat ya boy now?
Me: Ugh……OJ?
Me: How the fuck does this keep happening?
OJ: Ever heard of astral projection?
Me: Yea…
OJ: I call it nigga projection.
Me: The fuck?
OJ: Yea man, I can only appear to other Blacks.
Me: THIS is your special power? Don’t you feel slighted somehow? Like God specifically said “Fuck you.”?
OJ: Every day ::sad face::
Me: And why do you look like that?
OJ: Like what?
Me: Like Snowman the Hutt…what the fuck is with the tail?
OJ: I was trying something different. I wanted to be tall this time like I am usually and this is what happened. I’m victim sized 🙁
Me: I don’t even have a response.
Me: Hold on bruh, how the fuck did you get my head band and my daughter’s scarf?
OJ: Oh, well, I was cold so…
Me: You’re made of snow asshat. And you didn’t answer the question.
OJ: I got them from inside.
Me: My house?!
OJ: Where else?
Me: How the fuck did you get in? How’d you even move?
OJ: I’m from Cali nigga please. And this tail is remarkbly useful for propulsion.
OJ: Ayo nigga I am starrrrving. I feel like my stomach bout to declare war you got some food?
Me: You can’t be serious right now.
OJ: Travelling through the ether is hard work.
Me: Why do it then?
OJ: Bored at work as usual and niggas stay pissing me off so I took a break. This is where I ended up. I was trying to get to Tamron Hall’s…
Me: I don’t even wanna know. Anyway I got some PB & J.
OJ: YES NIGGA hook that up!

lol niggas is dumb. I dont even talk like that lmao. …. I do call little dudes “Victim Sized” though lol… well… i read it again. May I do talk like that just a little. He was pretty on point with the Tamron Hall thing too lmao.

Hi Tamron 🙂

It looks like the homie George 2.0 has an EP coming out soon. This man jumped on his own beat and tore that shit down! I like this. Its going into the rotation when it comes out.

This man is pretty damn talented. He has a 1 man play called “Any 1 Man.” I saw it came through Los Angeles. It was awesome, I enjoyed it.

Also, and most importantly (lol), he one of the best damn people to party with! Hella good times. George, Benny and Jon G (the man who shot the video) are a mobile party touring the damn world lol. Changing lives at the same damn time n shit lol. Good dudes.