Guttie Shit

Dont Re-Nig

This happen in real life. Everybody is offended and all that, but as far as OJ goes. I laughed first. This shit was pretty fucking funny. Its like one of those lame greeting cards that makes you chuckle because its clever, but lame. Even tho technically, they’re using the term “Re-nig” wrong. Its still hella funny. Its funny because its racist as fuck. Its slick and clever, but its not trying to hide the fact that whole idea is saturated in racism. The proud owner of this sticker isnt trying to hide their racism either! This person does not give a FUCK about equality or none of that silly shit. If a Black person see’s this sticker and gets offended? OH WELL! COME AT ME BRO! lol. You can see all of that from just this simple picture.

Speaking of shit you can see though. What the fuck are these ducks doing? Ive been staring at it for a minute and i cant figure it out. Is it some kind of duck… orgy? mounting? fight? ?? I cant make any thing of it. Its bothering me lol.

Racism like this, to me, is funny. And I mean, honestly funny. Im not laughing from some perch or something. Im laughing at the joke that is being made. I can remove whatever emotion from the situation to laugh at the joke being made in most situations. I understand its wrong and all that; I have plenty of time to be mad. But lets take a moment to laugh at the joke. Thats just me though.

I would love to witness the anger and hear the type of language the owner of this sticker when President Obama pops up on his TV, or when he is watching which ever news channel and they start talking about the president. Or when he is talking about something thats the presidents fault to his friends or somebody. I bet its fucking hilarious. People being mad and frustrated is some of the funniest shit in the world to me. Frustration plus Racism?!?!?! Laughs on laughs on laughs.

Guttie Shit

Shaq / Tiger Kung Fu Battle

This is great. I love old Kung Fu movies, I have a small collection. I also have damn hella  martial arts movies on netflix in my instant queue lol. I need to take time out to watch em already. Ive been bullshitting.

On GP (General Purposes)

You from El Aye, I’m from El Aye

You from El Aye, I’m from El Aye. Cee Aye All day /
On the real, I wouldnt have it any other way.

This is my shit! I forgot how or where I first heard this track at, but its great. But if you know me, I like most things Los Angeles.

Two things I thank God for all the time is: 1. Being a big Black man 2. Being a Los Angeles native. I could have been born in any other part of the world, and Im sure all those other places are great and all but this is the only place big enough and awesome enough for me.

Being from LA, when you leave the state or city and you meet somebody else from LA. Usually with in 2 minutes of talking to this person one of you ask “What the hell are you doing out here?”. We’re all curious as to what made you want to leave LA for whatever reason. In that meeting, you will never see two LA natives agree that they just HAD to leave. And the person that says they just HAD to leave, knows they are about to get looked at crazy every time they say it.

Recently I heard that California is the most hated stated in the union. We dont care man. At the end of the day, thats less people on the freeway lol… and theres nothing wrong with that.


On GP (General Purposes)

Oprah Book Club Fight Club!


1. I love Oprah, shes one of my heroes. I dont watch or participate in anything she does really. But I know her story and I see the moves she makes and its inspiring to me. Shes over come a lot.

2. THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! and way too awesome. Notice, nobody hit Oprah, she took NO L’s in that skit lmao. Not even as a joke lmao. She didnt even take a good punch and come back with fury. Just straight fades homie!! Dished out a whole bucket full of fadeds. YOU CATCH A FADE! YOU CATCH A FADE!!! EVERY ONE CATCHES A FADE!!!

and to add to how AWESOME Oprah is… her name is in most spell checks. BANG! No  red underlines and highlights for Oprah! Shes way too awesome for that!!


Tyler Perry: How to be Successful

One thing people might not know about me is that Im always looking for something to motivate me, get me going, inspire me. Rather that thing be negative or positive, either way, Im with it. Earlier today, one of my cousins posted this to facebook. Im not a Tyler Perry fan and I dont watch his movies. Nothing personal really, those kinds of movies and shows just aint my groove. However, I decided to click on this video because it read “Tyler Perry: How to be Successful” … i figured, hey this man is rich and his movies make 1000% profit or something ridiculous like that, so no matter how I might feel about his work, Im sure he has a good word or 8 worth hearing.

Turns out that he had a pretty great message and inspiring words. He reaffirmed a recent change to my life Ive made. Ive recently decided to narrow my focus to one thing. I chose to focus more on my career. In the video Tyler mentioned that people sometime say they want to this that or the other and the advice he gives those people is to focus. Focus on one thing, one area of your life and just get that one thing done.

One day I realized that I didnt have any real clear goals. I didnt know where I was going, I felt lost. Even after 2 years of therapy and all kind of life changing shit, I was still unfocused.
Every since I decided to focus more on my career, Ive felt better than Ive ever felt ever. Everything may not be perfect in my life. But that focus makes everything feel great for some reason. Its pretty awesome.


Word to Wednesday

This here is all around awesome lol. The video is a promo for the JamBox, a wireless/bluetooth speaker box/speaker phone; which I intend to acquire at some point in the future. The song and imagery in the video are fucking hilarious!!

Yes, i also want that bike mount.

Yes, you are fucking FOOLISH if you think i wouldnt put on that big ass ignorant chain and rock that jambox on some flavor flav shit! lol

These are my plans for the future. Deal with it! lol

But no, I really want this gotdamn thing. It will go nicely with my new tablet!

Blowed Thoughts

Death By Snu Snu

If you dont know what Death By Snu-Snu is about. Its ok, but if I were you, I’d hate myself to some degree lol. Anyway, last night I saw somebody on my twitter timeline talking about this guy that died from having sex with a big chick. She busted a nut, and passed out right on top of this man. Well last night when I saw this I was pretty damn high; and seeing that got me to thinking about a few things:

A mf died.. he let a fat chick ride him. She came, collapsed on him. This mf suffocates. Can i ask how big was this wmn was?

I wonder did he get to nut before or as she collapsed on him? Clearly he was a small man and into being crushed.

So as she was crushing him, did he nut? Then realize he was bein suffocated? Or was his gettin it in immediately halted as he fought

every man has had their dick get them into all kinds of bullshit. But as he was fighting for his life and realized it was the end.. shit..

Out of all the ways to die over some pussy, that has got to be in the top 5 of the most bullshit ass way to die over some pussy lmao

He was probably under her thinking that he always wanted to die having sex…. but not like this. Lmao

She had to be A LOT bigger than him tho. Gotdamn! As a man, not being able to push a woman off u? She had to be huge.

How did she feel when she woke up and found her lover dead from her being passed out on top of him for way too long. Gross lol

I wonder how long she was on top of this man? I wonder how long it took for him 2 die. how long did it take for him 2 realize it was the end

I wonder if she did something about her weight after that? Thats some shit to have on ur mind. I ate my way into killing a mf i was fuckin

I wonder how she feels every time she wakes up on her stomach? Lol.. mortified. Oh no? I have i killed again?


The last one cracked me the fuck up. I laughed at that shit like I didnt think of it.


Reference: here is the full episode lol. shit was hilarious

Cool Shit

Metropolis II

I am truly fascinated by this. Im going to try to go see it this weekend. This is fucking awesome. I love stuff like this. I want to smoke a blunt and stare at all the moving parts for hours.


Metta… World…. PEACE!!!!!!!!

This was way too awesome. I feel like this is the reason Ron changed his name. So there could be moments like this!! LMAO!!! Im a big Ron Artist aka @MettaWorldPeace fan. Im glad to see him playing better this season. At least in the last two games. I think he has found his groove.

A lot of people think the whole Metta World Peace thing is dumb. I like it. When he announced the change, he said something like the wanted to promote world peace. He wanted to get people talking about it and for it to be out there or whatever. I cant really bring myself to hate on something like that, or think its dumb. Not that I’d take that option or ever suggest it for anybody lol. And with his name, hate it or love it or think its dumb, the phrase “World Peace” jumps out of your mouth and from your finger tips a lot more than it used to. Which is the point. Rather you think its dumb or not.

Kevin Harland said this his name like he was trying to promote peace through force, rather than diplomacy! lmao

Guttie Shit

Occupy My Night Stick!

The Occupy Wall Street Lego set is now here!!! HOLY SHIT! this is fucking hilarious!!! Kids being involved in adult jokes is damn near ALWAYS funny to me! They came through and crashed the camp n shit. Shout out to my cousin Chris for posting this to facebook. Ive watched this like 8 times