On GP (General Purposes)

Orange Juice= Good Shit

i was thinkin…

Orange Juice is good shit…

out of all the disapointments i have have to face in my life concerning food… shark, shrimp, etc. THEN… food made with pork and beef by products….

i thought to my self today…

fuck it…

orange juice is too good to ever give up…

id drink orange juice even if somebody told me it was really pork piss….

OJ is tha shit lol

On GP (General Purposes)

Poorly Constructed Plans- Case 897

The story you are about to read is true… the names have not been changed because the muhfucka who is about to type this shit out could care less and does not give a fuck about protectin the muhfuckas involed.

There is this female i know, back in the IE ( inland empire- bout a hour outside LA ). Her name is Shenette ( at least i think thas how you spell this muhfucka name ). When i grauduated from AB Miller in 97 she was a sophmore. As far as i can remember. She was a lil bitch. None of my homies liked her ass. My cousin wanted to lynch her ass. My sister and most of her friends couldnt stand her ass. The friends she had couldnt stand her ass 8 months out the year. i could be hypin it a tad, but im not bullshitin. She kinda thought she was tha shit. She was kinda cute i suppose, a severe dental problem, but last i saw… somebody shelled out some bucks to get that taken care of.. fine. Years pass… and today i am talkin to my sister and she tells me that Shenette is in JAIL! “word??? why she locked up?? *laughin* ” she tells me “nigga… she tried to ROB a BANK” OH HELL MUTHAFUCKIN NAW!!!! i am immediately overwhelmed with laughter…so she countinues. Her friend that stays at my parents house came home the other day laughin like a muthafucka and told her.

Yoni ( my sister )… Shenette in Jail!! *still laughin* Her and some other niggas ( all dudes ) tried to rob a bank!! *now my sister is laughin* i dont know where yet but i was talkin to de andre and shinanni ( YES thas her damn name ) on the bus and they told me that they tried to rob some bank witha U-HAUL!!!

stop…….. i have to stop laughin.


she says… i dont know all what happen… but it was in tha paper out there. they went in… the cops came… they LEFT Shenette! she got caught… and either she told on everybody ( cuz she a snitch thas my my cousin RJ hate her punk ass ) or either they just caught them niggas. But now they all in jail and it was all in the paper!!!

Now… PLEASE do NOT ask my black ass what in tha F.UCK they was gonna do witha GOTDAMN U-HAUL as a get-a-way vehicle. My other cousin John speculates that they were gonna go buy furniture after the hiest. and Syl says that they was gonna go to RTO and purchase the all american ghetto dream package- the 27″ tv , Black laquer furniture, and a big ass panther rug

stop…. woooo ok… im thru laughin…


Common Sense tells me. That EVERY BANK out there is on a MAIN street… with alot of traffic. and ALL the main streets… you ARE gonna see police rollin around ALL DAMN DAY. U-Hauls take at least 10 min to get up to 60 miles an hour… and the top speed is only 65.

Now you tell me.

Lousy plan? or Bad luck?

i will buss an update or two as i get them.

but damn that shit was funny as hell… Good way to start off the day boi i tell ya!

On GP (General Purposes)

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the apes.

You ever hear a white person try to call a Black person a monkey or any form of primate?

Well i am happy to inform who ever wants to listen that these individuals are flagrantly misinformed. When you look at it… when you take you a monkey… and you SHAVE that muthafucka… who do it look like? Not my Black ass, or any other Black person I know. However I do know who they resemble overwhelmingly lol. Pounding the facts a little more… Monkeys have no lips.

And just to make the murder complete. You ever notice how hairy “those people” get?? Pshh or even how “those people” smell when they get wet? Im sorry but real humans don’t smell like that when water is applied.

On GP (General Purposes)

testing again…

was it a fluke?

On GP (General Purposes)


I just gotta new chair today….

put it together… WOOOOOOO

best hundred somethin bucks i ever spent!!!

( its a tax deduction of course, but still… this shit CRACKS!!! )

my back is very pleased with me…