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How to get the Devil to turn on tha Air Conditioning


i hate when imma type something in this muhfucka and i forget what i was about to say.

so fuck it…

imma just post me and tha homie drew convo

this nigga can sell ice to a eskimo

talk a dogg offa meat truck…


can talk the devil into turning on tha AC

heres how lol:

Me: you said havent i heard what?

Tha homie : its cool im havin fun

Me: lol i feel that tho lol

Me: all day lol

Tha homie : that i can talk a dogg ofa meat truck

Tha homie : lol

Me : givin females a hard time is tha number one nigga past time in america


Me: YEA NIGGA!! lmao

Tha homie : lololololol

Me: nigga you could talk tha devil into turnin on tha AC lol

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : thas tite

Tha homie : lol

Me: lol you know you could…

Tha homie : id try

Me: be like… belziabalb lol

Tha homie : lolo

Me: look homie… its hot

Me: real hot

Me: i cant mack bitches…

Me: if im sweatin all gotdamn day….

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : LMAO

Me: now i dont see why it cant be a tad bit cooler out this muhfucka

Me: dogg… why should it be hot?

Me: everybody who here… know why they here

Me: why cant we have a good time?

Tha homie : lol

Me: we knew we was commin

Tha homie : lol

Me: we wasnt scared then…

Tha homie : lol

Me: and we aint scared now

Me: just hot as fuck

Me: dogg….

Tha homie : lol

Me: tha ac…

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : lol

Tha homie : olol

Me: come on now… foreal

Tha homie : hahahah

Me: just… dogg

Me: foreal…

Me: naw foreal…

Tha homie : is hot

Me: just turn it on for 10 min

Me: ill levae you alone

Me: i just wanna fuck that bitch over there

Me: just give me 10 min

Me: dogg

Tha homie : come on the coolers close to you too

Me: lmao!!!

Me: YOU KNO!!!

Me: lmao

Tha homie : lol

Me: ooh shit

Tha homie : LMAO

Tha homie : tha guts im savin this shit


Tha homie : lol

ill remember what i was gonna say eventually.

On GP (General Purposes)

2 Way Pagers are ALL HYPE!

dont… dont dont dont….. dont… dont…… DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE

2 way pagers are ALLL HYPE

why do you say that oj?

Because you cant do that shit and drive at tha same time…. therefore tha shit serves no purpose at all. Unless you feel like you have to impress the multitude of dumb muthafuckas who bought tha hype with there hard earned money just like yo dumb ass did.

2 ways are hella impractical… as far as i know… they charge you PER character and message etc. makeing it basiclly usless. if i ever meet anybody who has to pay a high ass 2 way pager bill for goin over thier character limit, im going to take it upon my self to make that person feel as bad as possible about them selves. to tha point where they need professional help… i am not playing.

the keyboard is too damn small… if you got shit to say to a mufhucka you gotta hunt and peck with your fuckin THUMBS to get your message across n shit.

Basiclly tha shit is moble chat… or moble instant messenger.

tha only way i wouldnt hate on muhfucks that had two ways if i was makin money off of them shits. and even then i wouldnt respect tha dumb asses that bought em.

There is nothing nobody can say to me to make me believe other wise… believe me. i have made plently people feel dumb about buyin them shits………….. IF you believe otherwise… the link to my reblogger reads “What?!?!” click it and buss your bullshit… i will be sure to show you the light.

On GP (General Purposes)

Fucked up things to say to a female on her period episode # 65

as racist and fucked up as this might seem…

Syl has just informed me that her stomach has been hijacked by cramps…

and that her cycle is a terrorist

… ok… im done laughin… that shit was tha guts.

On GP (General Purposes)

“The Guts” explained

People always ask me… what in tha hell is tha guts????

the guts = funny

it comes from the term “to buss a gut” as in i was laughing so hard i almost busted a gut.

eventually the term was reduced to just saying… the guts.

the guts is kinda a old word ive been sayin since jr high i think.

” tha guts ” orginated in a small town about a hour outside LA named Fontana. one of the wackest places on EARTH. and ive been living there from 88 till about 6 months ago. and for entertainment what niggas usually do is sit around… and come with new stupid shit to say. and talk shit to who ever is around.

so no more askin what tha damn guts means.

* side note * after some discussion and colaboration. We ( me and tha homies ) have decided it was us who came up with the word “The Guts”

that is all.

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Shout out to GOD for making me a MALE!

i would like to say something very serious.

i have lived with females all my life, and i realize that it is VERY VERY hard to be a female.

i mean damn!

tha shit females go thru just seems so BOTHERSOM to me. Tha fuckin HAIR… tha fuckin PERIOD… tha fuckin MENTAL ISSUES!!!! tha fuckin SHOES!!! tha fuckin BRAS and other undergarment shit… tha sexual harrassment! tha fuckin MORAL issues… THA FUCKIN PERIODS!!!… tha fuckin pms… tha fuckin cramps… tha fuckin shopin they gotta do… wanna do… cant afford to do… be pissed cuz they cant fuckin do… and want you to give them money to muthafuckin do!!!… THA FUCKIN PERIODS!!!

and then… there is more than likely a GANGA shit on top of that im forgeting….

…. so thas why… every time i grab my dick…… i thank GOD im a MALE!

fuck that…

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Large Size Models

i had a thought…

do large size models have hard diets to go by and work out scheduels to follow?

or do they just kinda chill… because… i mean… damn? how hard is it to maintain thier…. shape?

…. i HAD a thought… syl kinda ruined it for me… and told me how it really cracks… but still…

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Just say NO to Airbrush!

oh no…

say it aint so…

please tell me that air burshed clothing is not muthafuckin commin back in style?

i dont think i can take that shit again….

this time it looks like its air brush AND rhine stones….

which really fuckin sucks…

this blows…

niggas boi….

On GP (General Purposes)

Fear my State!


i know alot of people on the net

a couple years ago… i was on the net… on voice chat… BORED as shit ( fyi: i dont chat any more and i hate voice chat ). Anyway, i was talkin shit to somebody… and then… tha room started to shake……..

I live in Califorina… out here… tha masses ( not everybody ) dont worry about earthquakes. However… SOOOOON as you THINK….. just THINK one is about to strike… you kinda just stop… pause… and wait to see whats goin on before you make your self look stupid and have your fellow califorians laugh at yo paranoid ass ( or look at you kinda strange because they will start to assume you are under the influence of some kind of drugs ). So your standing/sitting there, holding your breath, face froze, listening closely, eyes surveying the area ( not big or excited or anything like that… you dont want to give away that your about to attempt to save your life and take cover ) to check for any sign of anything shaking thats not suppose to be and if your fellow califorians realize that there could possibly be an earthquake about to pop off… chances are… it isnt a earthquake… and if you have a slick bone in your body. nobody knows that you are over there trippin. However… if it is an earthquake… you find your self somethin to get under… and ride it out… hope for the best and all that. Because if you die in a earthquake, chances are it was your time, because you have no warning so there is nothing to attempt to get away from lol… but they never last longer than 30 seconds anyway. After you finish panicing… its over.

…. so im sitting there talkin shit to the homies in chat… on voice chat… and tha room started to shake… so i instantly thought i was trippin ( because this is USUALLY the case ) but no… this time… it was an earthquake… so im like… hey yall hear that? tha room is shaking… damn… its an earthquake… i look in the chat screen and all i see is… OJ IS GONNA DIE!! YOUR GONNA DIE! YOUR HOUSE IS GONNA FALL ON YOUR HEAD AND KILL YOU! RUN RUN!! and all kinda other shit. and im like ahh yall is trippin… its not shaking that hard. Of coruse… as i say that shit… tha wall shakes a lil bit harder… and my desk and chair…… shifted. ok… im like… well… time out… my chair moved… ill be back. so i go over to tha door and ride out the earthquake. Mean while i hear these asses swearing on there system resouces that my final days have come and this earthquake is gonna kill my black ass.

i come back to my shit… and theeeese muthafuckas is talkin about how deadly and scary earthquakes are. This information is comming from the same people who stay in a part of the country named “TORNADO ALLEY” and the south east part of the US… where if my memory serves me correct… have a muthafuckin HURRICANE… EVERY YEAR… at DAMN NEAR… tha same damn time… And these these people from the east coast… who swear they sittin pretty… but! they shit is done in too!

Buss it tho…

you can earthquake proof a building…. Los Angeles has a LOT of skyscrappers which all meet specfic building codes that state the building wont fuckin topple over if in the event an earthquake strikes. These buildings have stood the test of several earthquakes and are indeed safe, except for some of the older ones. And them muhfuckas usually get condimed or just fall over all together so a newer building is put in its place and its safe. Another thing we know about earthquakes is that they usually strike between the hours of 4 am to about 8 am at the latest… once however…. one kicked off during 5pm… but that shit has only happen once in 22 years ( far as i can remember ). One thing we DO NOT have however… is a warning… when shit get to shaking… its just gonna fuckin shake… and every-damn-body is gonna be surprised, and thats just it…. even tho there are a couple of ghetto myths that say if its hot at night for no damn reason… there will proably be a quake tha next morning… my dad called it once… i was bee-fuckin-hooved. but…all in all… ME… here in cali… im pretty damn safe as far as natural diasters go….. the gang violence, regular violence, random violence, police violence, high speed chaces, muthafuckas that cant drive, and other fucked up shit that could possibly happen to a muhfucka that is a resident ( or visiting ) of the state, thas another story….

But enter the devistating natural diaster… The Tornado.

One can not “Tornado Proof” a muthafucking building or trailer park lol. You can ATTEMPT to drive during a tornado… but wait… dont let tha muhfucka take that turn in your direction! Because guess what? you shit up a creek AND OR several feet into tha sky… you AND ya muthafuckin car. What happens when you stay in your house and ride it out? ok… your in the basement, pissed off because you havent cleaned tha muhfucka out like you was suppose to and now you, your kin, some rats and other miscelanious rodents are down there riding out twrilling cold business. PRAYING that your house is still there once tha smoke clears…. AND If tha shit is still there… NOW your praying that there isnt a fucking BUS in tha family room rested on tha fire place upside down still running or some other odd shit like that. You have YOUR WHOLE STREET fucked over… tha streets you can barely drive down… there is SHIT every where… just SHIT…. YO shit… YO homie shit… YO neighbor shit… and EVERYBODY ELSES shit… scatared all over tha fuckin place.

Warning.. Yes… they get a “warning” but is it really worth a shit? You know tha shit is comming… yes… BUT! what do you do to prepare? no matter WHAT you do… your shit is gonna be folded if it comes your way…. if your board your windows and fill up tha bath tubs… fiiiiiiiiine… whos to stay that hot TREE wont come speeding thru tha damn wall at 100 plus mph? then there goes all your hard ass work… IN VAIN… because once tha tree comes thru… everything is gone to hell… your car is in tha next county n shit… some strangers wifes stankin ass draws is all across your yard… everything is really really fucked up.

When a earthquake comes… everything falls not too far from where it was…. car is still on all four wheels… all that shit. Too me… this sounds a hell of alot better than a gotdamn tordano… WHICH can strike at ANYtime of tha damn DAY… if they discover at 2 am… tha a tornado will probably hit at 4 am… everybody is proabably gonna be just as shocked as tha muhfuckas who had to ride out that 5:23 earthquake. And if its DARK your even MORE fucked… because you cant see tha muhfucka commin!!! and on top of all that shit than can go wrong… it could be fuckin raining DURNING the tornado… IT NEVER rains during an earthquake! and hardly ever after. Furthermore… Middle america gets fucked over by Tornados EVERY YEAR! on schedule… now… i might think on some werid shit… but i know a fucked up situation when i see one.

Next we have tha cousin to the Tornado…The Hurricane… Which fucks shit up about the same amount… only thing is tha wind just blows in one damn direction… which means your shit is at tha end of tha block with everybody elses shit. Cars dont really go no where. There do be shit every where… shit do be fucked up. Not as much as a tornado… but WAY more than a earthquake. one thing thas more fucked up than a tornado tho… during a hurricane… its almost GUARENTTED to rain! which adds a whole new way to make shit worse than it really has to be.

Then we come to the East Coast and northern part of the country…. no real natural disaters here… just another fucked up situation because when it gets hot… they SWELTER in humidity… because of all tha damn vegatation over there… AND… when its cold… its HELLA damn cold… for HELLA long… hella cold for hella long ( sound like some johnny cochren shit huh? its HELLA COLD… FOR HELLA LONG.. YOU MUST MOVE ON! lol ) when its hot out there… muhfuckas act like tha world is in its final hours and shit is all gone to hell. And when its cold… its for for MONTHS… businesses and everything else shut down… you cant go no where… you cant do shit except… be fucking cold…

Now you tell me doesnt tha ground shaking every couple years.. just ONCE sound pretty damn good? along with swell weather?

you tell me…

*thumbs up*

*side note* there is a fuckin earthquake ( that i didnt feel ) out here that VERY NEXT DAY! kinda shit is that? ( brutha dub called me a Truth Sayer )

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Random Gutty Shit

hell naw

this comedian on tv said

i like parties…. but i dont like pinatas ( pin ya tah’s )… pinatas support violence against flamboiant animals….


tha muhfucka said…

im going to go to the beach… and burry big peices of metal… that say “get a life” on em.

damn that shit was funny as fuck to me…

maybe him looking like a 70’s version of Jesus had something to do with it.

woooo im in tears over here.

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What kind of Shoes does GOD wear Part 2

ahh hell naw

Syl says ” GOD created the earth in 7 days… he probably wears “Mules” ( i dont know what mules are..some kinda slip ons she said… flip flops maybe? anyway—> ) yea mules you know those slip ons? he created tha earth in 7 days… he’s trying to kick it… thats alotta work… *mumble mumble mumbe*” she passed out on a nigga… she was half sleep…

people keep sending me im’s laughin at me because im wondering what kinda shoes GOD wears.

it aint that funny…

people talkin to me like im strange n shit.

is it YOU who would be talk to ME like IM strange?


ME lookin at YOU cockeyed because not only are you thinking along the same lines of a guy who can barely escape bordum and thinks on stupid shit…

but YOU are commin at ME with your OWN ideas about what kinda shoes that GOD could possibly wear.

lol i can be strange… but you sittin right next to me in tha “strange muhfucka” class, wondering if Jesus rocks a platnum chain or somethin else retarded