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Fuckin Shit

sigh… im pissed the fuck off…

JD: nigga yall watching tyosn on showtime

OJ: right now?

JD: tommorow night

OJ: damn!

OJ: i dont have showtime!!!

OJ: i have 20 hbo’s


OJ: and 8 cinamaxs

OJ: no fuckin showtime…

OJ: this is fucked up

OJ: i cant even drive home to see that shit…

JD: lol i thought you was coming out here this weekend

JD: damn

JD: never mind

OJ: did i tell you what happen nigga?

OJ: or did somebody tell you?

JD: nope

OJ: me and syls cars got broke into

JD: damn

OJ: yes nigga…

JD: where at

OJ: in tha ” secure ” parking structure

OJ: let me rephrase tha “SECURE” SUBTERAINIAN parking structure…

JD: damnage

OJ: nigga where we SUPPOSE to park our shit….

OJ: where we had asigned parking…

OJ: but wait brutha… it gets hella worse!

OJ: its tandum parking…

OJ: meaning………………………………….

OJ: i park first… syl parks second…

OJ: its a long ass parking slot for two cars right…

OJ: buss this shit nigga…

JD: yea

OJ: they got in syls car……….

OJ: backed it out…

OJ: went thru it… didnt take her radio… which is way more spiff than mine

OJ: didnt take shit…

OJ: they just forced her shifter….

OJ: so its kinda folded

OJ: but very drivable…

OJ: these muthafuckas go in my shit….

OJ: back that shit out half way… so its ALLLLLLLLL in tha way of everybody else…

OJ: leave the door OPEN…

OJ: took my radipo

OJ: radio

OJ: broke my stiring colum…

OJ: that shit is shattered to the point where when you turn the wheel… tha shit goes from park to reverse to netural to fuckin drive to muthafuckin second to gotdammit first!!!


OJ: i can not turn that muthafucka at all…

OJ: i cant do shit with it dogg…

OJ: they tried to go in my trunk too….

OJ: and fucked that all up

JD: niggayou got that G ride

JD: niggas thought it wuold be beneficial to jack it

OJ: yea i guess….

OJ: sorry muthafuckas….

OJ: they couldnt even get tha shit started…

JD: damn

JD: thats cold business what you gonna do now

OJ: them is the easiest cars to muthafuckin steal

OJ: i have no fuckin clue nigga

OJ: i cant DO SHIT!

JD: well

OJ: im stuck here

sigh.. fuck it…

i wanna fuck somebody up.


imma really fuck somebody up…

ALL… my cd’s was in Syls car

about 2g’s wortha fuckin CD’s

gone homie.

i hope tha person that did it was really big… because im feeling really violent…

i will beat up on a lil muhfucka… but its gonna feel that much better to beat up on somebody who think they too big and too fresh.

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What if Al Gore woulda Won?


think about this….

what if Al Gore was president?

how safe would you feel then? lol

fucked up aint it?

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Gutty Convos

gutty convos lol

this shit is just sad

if i woulda had this shit up about 2 or 3 years ago… oh boy… niggas aint seen shit. some bullshit happens to me and my cousin jd, we just run into it. alot of times its shit that muhfuckas would really catch on to, and alotta times… lol we cant believe we witness some of tha shit we witness lol. we run into dumb shit when we off on our own… but when we go some where together… damn.

anyway… buss this shit

my cousin JD: I forgot to ask you if you wanted to hear something funny

me: buss it

my cousin JD: My mom told me, she went to talk to my Uncles girlfriend about the terrorist attacks..and she said she doesnt know whats going on

my cousin JD: Becuz

my cousin JD: she doesnt watch the news or read the newspaper

me: what?!?!?!?!?

my cousin JD: Becuz

my cousin JD: she doesnt wanna know when bad things like this are happening

me: oh no lol

my cousin JD: Nigga i was fuckin guttin my ass off

me: she didnt even know about tha wtc?

my cousin JD: nope

me: oh my

my cousin JD: Nigga that is going outta your way to be ignorant

my cousin JD: and not only that

my cousin JD: she proved it to me

me: LMAO!!!

me: imma have to put this shit on my blogger

my cousin JD: She yelled towards the kitchen hey Pete did you see the news, the US just bombed in Afghanastan, nigga she stepped straight out the house

my cousin JD: into the garage

my cousin JD: and came back a few minutes later whistling some happy tune

my cousin JD: like wasnt shit of in importance going on

me: oh wow

my cousin JD: that is some sad shit

my cousin JD: but at last it is the gutz

me: yes brutha!

that shit had me rollin

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Thank for Giving us Alchole and Weed Dinner

now i remember lol

Since most of my close homies/cousins/relitives DO NOT celerbrate none of these bullshit ass holidays…

I thought it would be a good idea if we made our own fun out of the shit. Because Every damn holiday none of us do shit except for post some where. or be at somebody house who is celerbratin it just cuz we aint doin shit else. We all be hot because every damn thing is closed and aint shit to do. except watch tv.


Syl and I thought it would be a swell idea if this ThanksTakings Day… i mean ThanksGiving Day ( punk ass day ) we would have a ” Thanks for Giving us Alchole and Weed Dinner ” since all the homies smoke or drink or both…. we thought it would be pretty damn fun. We aint doin shit else but waiting for the day to pass anyway… why not wait and be fucked up? Should be fun. imma post the pictures so people can be mad they didnt come. lol

dont you think?

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Moments i cant fuckin stand # 347

When you dont have hardly any matching food in tha house ( you know… kool aid no sugar, peanut butter no jelly ) and your pissed cuz theres nothing to eat. So… you get off ya ass and go to your local grocier and get all kinda shit cuz your hungry as hell. THEN! you get back to the house and you go to get somethin to eat… and you have all this damn food in front of you, and you dont know what you wanna fuckin eat. So your still hungry.

i hate that bullshit…

please excuse me as i go make me a pbj… fuck it

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OJ constant Harassment of Sylvia- ex# 4

And now

The Top Ten Things Funnier than Seeing Syl Slip and damn near buss her ass, as she walked in the Womens RestRoom ( lol )

10. tha slip was pretty damn funny but as she caught her self and let out that lil scream added to it lol

9. When i say somethin fucked up and she does her ” i cant believe you said that shit ” face

8. Every time i threaten to leave her ass when we have to go some where, she come out the room in her heals runnin/scooting LOL

7. The look on her face when i got caught tryin to steal her covers and pillows at 4am

6. When she gave a name to tha white girl dance that they all do… ” the white girl shimmy” ( you know… the head shake thing lol )

5. When she called the hella strong drinks my cousin RJ was makin “Retard Elixor (sp)”

4. When she said tha guy at her job looked like Sherek. lol ( i swear he do lol )

3. her story about my slickness lol

2. ahh shit… the story about why she dont like crest tooth past any more… ( thas for her to tell you… ill tell you this tho.. i almost lost my life laughin at that shit )

1. When she was about to walk in the house and i was by the window ( thats by the front door ) and poped up and scared her ass. What is so funny about that shit you ask? Simple… she made tha best effort ive ever seen to actually JUMP out her skin… and run to safty lmao she damn near went into cardac arrest. woooo lol

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My Dad Says i Cuss Too Much


my cousin john is on AIM

my father is on AIM

This nigga john… tells my father… HEY! you should check out OJ’s web log thing. its pretty good. ( dont know why this nigga said that shit… everybody knows oj doesnt cuss in front of the parental units… and this nigga has read this shit… and KNOWS me lol he knew what was up… muthafucka… lol ) so, my dad ask me for the url, and i was like…. damn… oh well lol fuck it, gave my father the url. knowin he was gonna see all the filth flarn filth i buss on this shit. lol so my father comes back and is like. Your Site looks nice, by the way… you cuss too much. lol but… this is tha same nigga who got me cussin in tha first place…

1. from cussin at me lol

2. from just cussin around the house

3. from cussin at other muthafuckas

4. did i say cussin at me?

lol im really wondering why he would even be suprised or say somethin like that lol

And even after that… HIS MOMS my grand mother ( RIP ) used to cuss MORE than him…

Thats what really got me goin lol since i was a wee lad… since i was like 6… had tha breif break when i slipped around my tattle tell ass sister and she told on a nigga and i recived that nice lil ass kickin… BUT! lol whats tha guts about that shit is… i got cussed at while i was gettin my ass kick… aboud cussin… kinda shit is that?!?!

( note to self: kick sister in tha chin for that shit )

Anyway. i just thought tha shit was funny.

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Dont Hate the Playa Hate the Game

niggas just be on some flagrant retarded shit sometime…

they really dont pay attention to tha shit that jump out they mouth… they just say it, just because they hear some other nigga say it.

people are sheep… i put that on tha set ( lol )

but buss this bullshit right here:

Dont hate the playa, Hate the game….


say that shit back to your self…



what kinda retard shit is that?

Do niggas really realize what they are saying… thats like sayin…. DONT hate the DEVIL…. HATE THE SIN.

NOW… you tell me. how logical does THAT shit sound?

i mean foreal… muthafuckas who say that shit… or who have ever said it once should really be fuckin embrassed.

you might as well tell a muhfucka… Dont be mad at me man…. im just tryin to get over on you.

in essence… that is what tha fuck niggas be sayin… and have tha gotdamn NERVE to think tha shit is ok.

Like they have a stroke of fuckin brillance or some shit… YES! this is what i will say… and everything will be ALRIGHT! *thumbs up* And these muhfuckas will go for it because a rapper said it… and it sounds pimpish like i actually be runnin shit and muhfuckas have to listen to me… because it sounds like some shit a important muthafucka would say to somebody.

If you stop to think about it. That is some shit a Pimp tells a dumb hoe.

such as this:

Pimp: say hoe

Dumb Bitch: yes daddy?

Pimp: wheres my money hoe?

Dumb Bitch: Right here Daddy

Pimp: ok… you made me 1000 dollars tonite… here go 50 bucks, go get somethin to eat… get out my face bitch

Dumb Bitch: But daddy thats not fair


Dumb Bitch: *holdin her chin* no daddy, imma good hoe… why cant i have more?

Pimp: because hoe…

Dumb Bitch: but daddy thas fucked up!

Pimp: yea… you right… but you still only get 50 bucks

Dumb Bitch: thats SO FUCKED UP!!!

Pimp: HEY! dont hate tha playa… hate tha game baby…

Dumb Bitch: OK……………….. but long as you know thats still fucked up.

You see that shit? How is that shit suppose to be validation for some skanless shit?


Or when a nigga gets caught cheatin on his girl

Dont hate tha playa… hate tha game.

is she not suppose to be MAD at a muhfucka after that?!?! is that suppose to make everything ok?

or in some strange line of logic take all tha responsiblity off the nigga who is the perp?

LOL!! ( i crack my self up )


i can take tha shit a whole big ass step forward.

Take Bin Ladens homie ( because the news tells you every day that he just funded tha shit… DID NOT mastermind it… it was tha egyptian dude… but thas a whole nother post on stupid shit )

ok… we have bin ladens homie his name is Ayman al-Zawahiri ( you know a nigga had to copy that shit cuz its HELLA hard to type AND spell ). Lets say this muthafucka makes a tape, mails it to CNN ( and they proform an anthrax test on it lol ). And they play tha tape… show it to the nation. And on the tape… tha muthafucka ( Ayman al-Zawahiri ) comes at EVERYBODY like this:

Yea… well… you know… we been tryin to blow that muthafuckin trade center up for years… yap yap yap… its evil, america is evil, americans must pay… yap yap yap fuck yall… fuck it… im down for my shit… im ready to die… yall commin wit me… ride or die jihad ( lol hell naw ) yap yap yap… and at the ends he proceeds to say: this is my cause… its holy yap yap yap but look america… i mean foreal… im just doin what tha shit calls for……………………………….. DONT HATE THA PLAYA… HATE THA GAME.

That phrase is applical to that mans situation… Because he has a cause… just like a pimp or some cheatin ass nigga has a cause… it might not be RIGHT… or AS DRASTIC or deadly in this case ( unless tha cheatin nigga caught some shit and has 30 females lol ) but its tha same shit. Tha perp doesnt really believe the shit is right… but is tryin to remove the blame off him self. When in all actuallity, tha muthafucka is guilty as shit… from Ayman al-Zawahiri to tha cheatin nigga, because they made tha choice to play. so yea muthafucka… imma hate yo ass… cuz YOU did it. SO! in conclusion… if you happen to know anybody who has said that shit… find somethin heavy… and hit them with it very hard, or if you cant find some heavy shit… fuck it… just kick em in tha ass… hard as you can… try to punt they stupid ass down tha gotdamn street some where.

stupid shit…

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Random Gutty Shit

i like tha cleavland indians…

and the atlanta braves…

the redskins aint my favs…

and im pretty sure im missin a couple.

but i cant buy none of the atire because that shit is HELLA damn racist.

i was talkin to tha homie tha other day and i was tellin him how racist that shit is… and how fucked up it is and yap yap yap… we both agreed it was pretty fucked up.

and i went on to tell him how chris rock was talkin about tha same shit ( long long long ass time ago when he was a nobody ) and he was sayin that… ” how are you gonna have tha Washington Redskins… the Cleavland Indians… what kinda Racist bullshit is that?!?! you might as well have a team called the New York Niggas!! ” this nigga falls tha fuck out laughin… tha shit is pretty funny… but THIS nigga goes on to say… YEA! that shit would be tha guts if cities had teams named after tha shit that the city is known for.

we came up with tha following:

The Los Angeles Vatos

Tha New York Niggas

The Watts Crips

The New Jersey Car Jackers/Theives we couldnt agree on this one

The Alabama Hicks

The Georga Country Niggas

The Chicago Pimps- this one… tha logo has a pimp hat titled off the S witha feather in it. and its black and gold…. woo that shit was funny….

The Texas Klans Men

fuck… i cant remember the rest…

please feel free to submit your own…

ill be gone for a couple days…

gotta move… ugh.

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FYMF explained

Fuck Yall MuthaFuckas

because fyn… Fuck Yall Niggas

just leaves out too many people.

and id hate to leave anybody or particular group out.

thumbs up. lol