I dont know why, but I love info graphics. Maybe its because im a visual person. I found this yesterday on the lakers twitter page and realized that Ive watched most of this happen. Ive been a laker fan all my life. I remember Kobe’s first game. I remember when he crossed ol boy up at the 3 point line and dunked on the future 3 time defensive player of the year lol.
I watch about 60 out of 82 laker games a year, not counting the playoffs. Ive watched most of the stuff on this infographic happen. Its been awesome so far!


This was fucking awesome! The other day the homie Eman sent me a text in the middle of a meeting that said “Nigga… youtube ‘DMX RUDOLPH’  like right now”. If you know me, you know the chances of me actually following through on some shit like that are SLIM lol. But for whatever reason, after the meeting  I remembered and said fuck it, let me look real fast, I love DMX interviews. THANK GOD I DID!!!!!

LOL I hate Xmas for the most part. However, there are 3 things about Xmas I like. The spending of money that goes on; The song Jingle Bell Rock, thanks to the movie Die Hard; and The Nutcracker Suite, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies… and now this here is the 4th thing I like about Xmas!

You might be saying, oh this nigga is cracked out and is this what he has been reduced to. I dont see it like that. I see a real artist doing what a real artist does when its time to get down. He fucking gets down.  DMX put his own signature on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, thats what youre supposed to do when youre a real artist. Gotta love it. …if you know what youre looking at that is. But no matter what youre perspective.. the shits STILL hilarious!

LMAOOOO ive been wondering what the hell this was about!

I never get passed the first couple of sentences because its clear bullshit lmao.

IF you sign up for a web service for free, what you are doing is giving them data and content to make money off of; and in turn, you get to use their service. facebook is not a birth right lol.

Nothing is free people. Jack asses lol.

Im something like random. I saw the homie tweet this and some how this song popped in my head.

This is my shit though; the jam and what have you.

I want a 7 series BMW. I’ll get one, one day. Im going to turn this shit all the way up when it comes up on my ipod too. Because its on there lol.

Fucking FINALLY! Ive been wanting to put up a new layout for this site for at least 2 years now. It always takes me FOREVER to produce a new layout for this site. If I could, I’d redesign and layout this site every time I learn something new. Thats why I wanted this domain way back, years and many moons ago; to practice and expand my skill set. Usually when I make a new layout for this site Im trying something Ive never done before. Which has lead to SEVERAL layouts never seeing the light of day because by the time I learned what I was doing, I was either no longer interested in the design or …. hell something. I have a least 4 designs where this has happen over the years.

This is the….. maybe 7th different layout of this site since 2001. I feel some kind of way about that, but eh; I lead a crazy life, me and time are in an eternal struggle for power and control and I stay losing lol. I’d really like to practice and expand on my skill set more often, but Im so suck with time management. Im working on it, but like I said, its an eternal struggle lol.

I started on this layout in June of this year and I got it up the same year. This is a pretty big gotdamn deal for me lol.
I started back on June 5th, according to the properties on the psd. Inbetween that time a lot has happen for/to me. I moved, switched jobs twice, lost a car and a lot of other shit. If you know me, you know I work A LOT. In that time I’ve worked several 14+hr days and 60+ hr weeks. I dont know where I found the time to get this done. In years past, this would have never gotten done. I changed directions on the design of this thing, probably 3 times. I didnt and couldnt work on it every day. But Im pretty happy I made it happen. Maybe because I knew what I was doing the whole time I was making this thing. I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish.

Ive noticed that the web is really changing; with more and more people browsing the net on their phones and tablets, I felt like this site should cater to that. I get a lot of mobile traffic form twitter and facebook. Thats where everybody hangs out on the net these days. Nobody is going to search “Black Kayaking Enthusiast” (which I am the top search result for lmaooo) and end up here.  Twitter, Facebook and social media is how people reach personal blogs these days. So I figured that since I got enough mobile traffic that I’d build a more of a mobile friendly site.
I also wanted to do something a bit different, that Ive never done before as well as use colors Ive never really worked with before.

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First let me say that Im only freelancing at the place. Im not officially an employee. This information is pertinent because the homie was the person responsible for taking the company profile photos.

We were yapping it up while he was setting the camera up and somebody asked if I was taking a picture. I was like nah, I dont officially work here. The homie was like, yea go take some test shots; then that turned into us taking test shots of how you should not take company shots profile shots lmao. It was hilarious.  I am not THIS ignorant lol. These wont be seen anywhere but here. These pictures do not represent me professionally lol. I repeat, I know I can be an ignorant bastard, but I am NOT THIS IGNORANT LOL.

Working in an office 9 to 5… actually 10 to 6.. or 5. Or whenever.. its growing on me. I dont know how you people work regular jobs that you hate though. If I hated this shit here, I dont know how I’d make it. I salute thee.

Im happy I get to do silly shit like this. I love this industry lol. This is really the best situation I couldve hoped for. Now if I could get a couple of hands out of my pocket, I’d be straight. lol


This nigga Aaron said this picture is rapey.. I can kind of see it now. Im pretty sure that burger probably thought something like that happen to it later. I didnt even kiss it lol.