Oprah Book Club Fight Club!


1. I love Oprah, shes one of my heroes. I dont watch or participate in anything she does really. But I know her story and I see the moves she makes and its inspiring to me. Shes over come a lot.

2. THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! and way too awesome. Notice, nobody hit Oprah, she took NO L’s in that skit lmao. Not even as a joke lmao. She didnt even take a good punch and come back with fury. Just straight fades homie!! Dished out a whole bucket full of fadeds. YOU CATCH A FADE! YOU CATCH A FADE!!! EVERY ONE CATCHES A FADE!!!

and to add to how AWESOME Oprah is… her name is in most spell checks. BANG! No  red underlines and highlights for Oprah! Shes way too awesome for that!!