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One Tequilla, Two Tequilla…

have you ever seen that shirt that says ” One Tequilla, Two Tequilla, Three Tequilla, FLOOR! ”

lol that shit always makes me laugh.

and sadly, thats how i feel right now… except i was FRUNK AS DUCK yesterday night. good lord. but at the moment, im feeling like im on the floor. stuck as fuck. i say that because, im not sure if i have a hang over really. im just… fuck. i dont know

imma have to leave tequilla alone. at least that jose shit. fuck! jose aint to be fucked with.

fuck. imma go lay down.

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I saw a shirt this weekend that I SWORE said Heiniken….it said Hungover. Hilarious!!!

I hope you start to overcome that hangover!

Hey, do you have any pics. of yourself online? If that’s the lower portion of your face (on the right) in that bottom pic. in the author section, I’m thinking that you’re mighty fine, and I’d like to see the rest *Smiling W/A Wink*

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