Uhmah Park

Snoop has a new show that Ive been bullshiting on adding to my DVR. But not after this shit here.

For the fascist RSS readers like on Facebook that refuse to bring in youtube video. Here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRO8z3Yvh-s

First of all. If you are a reader of this blogger or if you just happen to know me well… you know that I think SugaFree is great. After this video, its probably safe to say he is a modern day prophet. LMAO Fucking SHIT! I really do believe the greatness of SugaFree is under estimated. The shit that jumps out of this mans mouth is …… I dont know what the hell to say. Shits amazing. I met this man one day… fittingly at a hotel. To make a long story short. Its not an act. This nigga walks around with pimp jokes that females magically dont fucking hear lmao. I was at an event, this is why I was at this hotel. SugaFree preformed. I ended up seeing this man in a hall way some where leaving the after party. The girl I was with wanted to take a picture with him. So I took a picture and what not… but during this whole exchange. This nigga cracked like 4 pimp jokes that had me crying laughin and both females were lookin at us like… what the fuck is so funny?!? I dont know why they werent laughing. They heard what the nigga said and responded. I dont know where and how they missed it. Dont asked me what was said. I just remember laughin like a muhfucka and this nigga giving me the “these hoes dont talk our language look” like he did in the video. Shit was hilarious. Im glad this man got his life back together.

I think the song that goes with this shit is the real killer tho. gotdamn. Snoop is the best nigga ever in the whole wide world for putting SugaFree on TV like this for the world to partake lol.

But… the best line of the whole year. And I seriously challenge anybody to even TRY to beat this lol. “oh he must be different? – of course we different bitch! We Pimps! You…. HUMAN!”


if you dont find that overly hilarious. I pity you and your boring perspective lol.