Uhmah Park

of couse everybody watches the dave chappell show. and if you dont youre a sucka ass jive turkey.

and youve seen the godzilla ep when dave is raising all kinda hell through japan and whatever…

well… i had some asain people move behind me a few months back. and when i have my window shades open, you can see all in my room.

and i like the sun shining in my room while im in here all day working my black ass off. and during the course of the day, like any ol normal day, i have to take a piss or 9. and hey, fuck it, its my house… its my room. i normally piss with the door wide the hell open. like most people do, weither they admit it or not lol.

one time, while taking a piss i peeked over my shoulder… and saw the lil asian lady that lives behind me walking around in her room, doing whatever… and it reminded me of that dave chappelle ep, and i couldnt help but wonder if she was peeping me out like… oooooo! its one eyes big brown snake! lol that shit cracks me up every time i take a piss now lol.

and speaking of chappelles show.

Dont the Mannings of NFL fame, Payton and Eli and they daddy… dont they look like a older version of the Niggar Family? or is it just me?
now that i think about it… i think somebody already came with this joke. but fuck it lol.


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