Guttie Shit

OJs shitty advice: Did you take your pants off holmes?

Im a tall guy; im six feet, six inches tall. So its not a problem for me to look over a bath room stall wall. At a glance, I wouldnt see anybody taking a shit, typing out a blog entry, waiting for this friday to be over already. But i can at least see the adjacent wall lol. However, I am tall enough to catch a mf writing a blog entry on the toilet while taking a shit, if I did happen to put effort into looking all the way over the stall wall. Lolol. Anyway..

The other day, i walk in the bathroom and notice the big stall (the handicapped stall) is occupied; fuck! So i have to use the regular stall, next to the handicapped joint. Fine. I step in the stall and turn around to close the door and i notice there are a pair of shirts hanging on a random hook on the wall.
Word? Wait? Wait? What? Why? But? Lol what the fuck is going on here?? Lol.

Since i wasnt going to be busted making sure that i was really seeing what the hell i thought i was seeing. I double checked to make sure i was seeing what i thought i was seeing. And sure enough. The man that was taking a shit next to me, took off his muthafuckin shorts to take a shit. A moderately noisy shit at that.

It kind of fucked me up lol. I was sitting in the next stall, taking a shit, trying to think of every possible reason that any one would take off their shorts to take a shit lol. I was really puzzled by this lol. It aint like i could ask lol. But fuck, i sure did want to lol. I really really did lol. I just had to know lol.

The only possible reason i could come up with, is that this man didnt want his raggedy cargo shorts to grace the bathroom floor……… which, upon further thought, is a pretty legit case lol. This bathroom fucking stinks. I can only imagine whats going on with the floor lol.
But still. Is this man 4 years old? Lol even when i take shits at a gas station i dont come all the way out of whatever bottoms i have on lol.

Next thing i wanted to know is, why is that hook on the bathroom wall? Huh? Foreal? Why? I just dont get it. Im wondering if the guy who hung his shorts up on said random hook, put the hook there. Its one of those plastic wall hooks that you stick to a wall lol.

I cant front though.. i am so puzzled by the shit, that i damn near took my shorts off and hung them on the wall today, just to possibly understand. But i couldnt bring myself to do it lol oh well. I guess ill never understand lol

So heres my advice on taking off your pants, to take a shit in public: dont. Unless you have a stellar reason. And if you do, id love to hear it lol. But still dont lol. Unless youre still potty training. Hell, even then lol

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