Uhmah Park

This man Eman is fucking dumb lmao. Out of complete bordom, a few years back, this man decided to go out in the front yard and built a snow man and named it OJ the snow man because I believe snow is a creation of the Devil himself (because it most definitely is). So this year, randomly out of no where; here comes Eman again, with a new version of OJ the Snowman, with a damn story. LMAO


Snowman: psst
Me: ….
Snowman: PSST!!!
Me: Jesus Christ are you fucking kidding me…again?
Me: Thisisntreal thisisntreal thisisntreal
Snowman: Thas how you gonna treat ya boy now?
Me: Ugh……OJ?
Me: How the fuck does this keep happening?
OJ: Ever heard of astral projection?
Me: Yea…
OJ: I call it nigga projection.
Me: The fuck?
OJ: Yea man, I can only appear to other Blacks.
Me: THIS is your special power? Don’t you feel slighted somehow? Like God specifically said “Fuck you.”?
OJ: Every day ::sad face::
Me: And why do you look like that?
OJ: Like what?
Me: Like Snowman the Hutt…what the fuck is with the tail?
OJ: I was trying something different. I wanted to be tall this time like I am usually and this is what happened. I’m victim sized 🙁
Me: I don’t even have a response.
Me: Hold on bruh, how the fuck did you get my head band and my daughter’s scarf?
OJ: Oh, well, I was cold so…
Me: You’re made of snow asshat. And you didn’t answer the question.
OJ: I got them from inside.
Me: My house?!
OJ: Where else?
Me: How the fuck did you get in? How’d you even move?
OJ: I’m from Cali nigga please. And this tail is remarkbly useful for propulsion.
OJ: Ayo nigga I am starrrrving. I feel like my stomach bout to declare war you got some food?
Me: You can’t be serious right now.
OJ: Travelling through the ether is hard work.
Me: Why do it then?
OJ: Bored at work as usual and niggas stay pissing me off so I took a break. This is where I ended up. I was trying to get to Tamron Hall’s…
Me: I don’t even wanna know. Anyway I got some PB & J.
OJ: YES NIGGA hook that up!

lol niggas is dumb. I dont even talk like that lmao. …. I do call little dudes “Victim Sized” though lol… well… i read it again. May I do talk like that just a little. He was pretty on point with the Tamron Hall thing too lmao.

Hi Tamron 🙂