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Until monday night, from this current night… You can actually see me live on Internet TV, on The Platform (NSFW) a hip-hop show on PrimetimeUncensored. Put a person to the blog or what have you. You can watch me talk shit, and have a problem sitting still, and laughing way too hard. whatever lol.

You can view the archive of the show I was on here (NSFW). I appear about 35 minutes into the show, I think.

I really dont talk too much about my work on here, but im thinking i might start a little bit.

Which brings me to the next thing i was gonna bring up. But I feel as if im being a bit backwards. Oh well fuck it. One of the many reasons this blogger has fallen the fuck off is because I have been working my ass off. At the moment i work 2.5 / 3 “jobs”. Really. One of those “jobs” is my work over at, which ill elaborate more on at some point in the future.

But as far as The Platform goes… my homeboy Sam has had the site LA Hiphop Calendar for the longest. Hes gets to go to all the live events out here. For free half the time. Bastard lol. So after PTU had been up and running for a month or so. I was blowed in the mall or something and thought hmmm sam has a hiphop site, a hiphop show is certainly the next step. I ran the idea by sam, he was with it. Then I had another idea, this cant be a cock fest. So i suggested to sam that we incorporate a female into the mix. Just so happens that my homeboys wife Chasity is a hiphop head. Blam The Platform Show was born. And it is going pretty thus far.

Imma be the Aaron Spelling of the Internet dammit. As soon as i learn what the fuck im doing lol.

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