Uhmah Park

thats not true really.

OJ hasnt felt like blogging…. why? eh…. id rather play GTA SA. that shit is fun… and im hella far… im in the las vegas part. and i just jacked four cop bikes… that shit took me a few tries… and it was hella hard. and YES! i use cheat codes… fuck the dumb. i dont have all gotdamn year to be fucking with this shit. i can barely play this shit for an hour and a half… it gives me motion sickness… BAD!
as a matter of fact… my head and stomach is fucked up right now.

imma go lay down.

but before i go… id like to say, i hope DL keeps on hosting the late late show on cbs, hes the damn GUTS! i wish i would have known he was at the improv at the ontario mills. i would have tried my damndest to catch a show. ive been a fan since comic view, in like 92 or some shit… when he was wearin cross colors and talkin shit about niggas in the audiance lol.
tonite, vivica fox was a guest. and i dont care what nobody says. i like vivica fox. i think shes fuckin fine… and i like her in some movies… some movies tho… ehh. and her show… eehh im cool on that too. but shes getting PAID off that shit. so more power to vivica… i heard she live around here some where. if i ever see her at the grociery store or some shit, i dont think imma be able to not ask for a hug lol. also… kareem abdul jabar was on there. i want a old school 33 lakers jersey SO BAD. but not the purple one, a yellow one. im a big ass laker fan, but i just cant fuck that much purple for whatever reason. say what you want. anyway…. kareem is pretty interesting. he is coming out with a movie about black soliders in ww2 i believe. actually, im not sure what time period its suppose to be from. but im looking forward to it.

im also looking forward to some sleep. fuck.


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