Uhmah Park

And now

The Top Ten Things Funnier than Seeing Syl Slip and damn near buss her ass, as she walked in the Womens RestRoom ( lol )

10. tha slip was pretty damn funny but as she caught her self and let out that lil scream added to it lol

9. When i say somethin fucked up and she does her ” i cant believe you said that shit ” face

8. Every time i threaten to leave her ass when we have to go some where, she come out the room in her heals runnin/scooting LOL

7. The look on her face when i got caught tryin to steal her covers and pillows at 4am

6. When she gave a name to tha white girl dance that they all do… ” the white girl shimmy” ( you know… the head shake thing lol )

5. When she called the hella strong drinks my cousin RJ was makin “Retard Elixor (sp)”

4. When she said tha guy at her job looked like Sherek. lol ( i swear he do lol )

3. her story about my slickness lol

2. ahh shit… the story about why she dont like crest tooth past any more… ( thas for her to tell you… ill tell you this tho.. i almost lost my life laughin at that shit )

1. When she was about to walk in the house and i was by the window ( thats by the front door ) and poped up and scared her ass. What is so funny about that shit you ask? Simple… she made tha best effort ive ever seen to actually JUMP out her skin… and run to safty lmao she damn near went into cardac arrest. woooo lol