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my spelling has come underfire once again… so lets revisit an old post from SoulCity where i layed out reasoning behind my mispellings. Muthafuckas like to blame me for THIER typos and misspellings like mispelling words is fuckin contagious or some shit… lol…. but… before we get started, i would like for everyone to know that… Yes… i cant spell for shit, i can manage if i actually try. but most times i dont… because honestly i dont hold the shit in high reguards like other people. I actually hold tense in higher reguard… but alot of people will forsake that shit in hopes to spell something right. personally tho… it gets on my nerves… but i dont call muthafuckas on it, because it aint that fricken serious! anyway… here are my thoughts:

The OJ could care less about a few typos or making sure a word is spelled exactly right all the time everytime, especially in conversation. as long as my point is clear, i could care less.
When people chat with me online… this is the vibe that is given out and it creates an enviorment to where people can relax and just talk/type and dont gotta worry about double checking to see if they spelled a word right or not. They can just hit that enter key and move on.
and dammit… people like that shit. so they get used to it. and blam… they start to slip up when they talk to other people. and then blame the shit on me. the person that made thier time online and chating a tad bit easier and presented a more relaxed enviornment for all parties.
So now… we are at the point where The OJ is blamed for Bad Spelling being infectious. When in all actuality, it was the so called victim or infectee who blew it from the get go. Because they “slipped up” and didnt realize that everybody isnt me, and wont create such an enviornment for them. And they cant create it for them selves. So to make up for thier imcompentices and failures at being trend setters or just independent of the norm, They blame the person that has only done good by them. Which i honestly think is skanless… but hey. If thats the way people wanna be… then its ok. Everybody blames me for thier bad spelling. knowing good and gotdamn well it aint my damn fault.

im a damn philamthropist. i wish people would see that.

i give people a relaxed enviornment to chat in.

i point out people with jheri curls ( its hard to find a kit now a days… if a person went thru the trouble of lookin for one… then they obviously want everybody to see it right? so i point it out… helping THEM out. because they CLEARLY wanted other people to see it!)

i tell people that they lack inteligence in hopes that they would realize the error in thier ways and seek proper education. i even give examples on how the particular person blew it. so they can concentrate in throse areas where they lack the most. how is this not helping your fellow man?!!

i tell people the truth. ( reguardless if they want to hear it or not )

im practily jesus like.

which would make you people that claim i fucked up your spelling, people that call me mean and whatever else… ROMANS!!!!

and i am constantly crusified for my good doings!!!

its ok tho. yall cant stop me. fymf!!!
i shall countiue to do my thing.

lol assholes…

— FIN —

lol i thought it was pretty funny.


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