Uhmah Park

Have you…. for whatever reason… been yanked out of your peaceful sleep because you had to take a vicious shit? If you havent, lucky you. But this has happen to me several times. And please believe me its wack EVERY single time, no matter the reason you have to take the vicious shit lol.

To add to the wackness. I can think of a few times where thats been a very unsober me. Having to take a mean shit that will probably hurt your ass or your stomach or possibly both at the same time. In the middle of the night, like lets say after a night of partying and drinking and youre already tired as shit. Untold amounts of wackness. Now, if youve never experienced being drunk, and then waking up in the middle of the night, you will probably have NO clue that you could actually wake up just as drunk as you were when you blacked out the first time. Waking up drunk is kinda wack, unless you love being drunk that gotdamn much. But Im sure that even if you DO love being drunk that gotdamn much. Waking up drunk and having to take a shit will definitely be wack to even you (fucking lush lol).
Anyway, depending on how drunk you were that night, hopefully you dont fold yourself trying to stager to the toilet in the dark. I have, it sucks lol. Sigh, anybody that has been to my house, knows sometimes my room just dont be clean lol (FUCK whoever comments that its ever clean in advance, thanks lol) . One time I tripped on something something and then fucked my other foot up on something else and hit the bathroom door molding with my forearm. Fuckin catastrophe. I was on the toilet, stomach all fucked up, taking a terrible shit, trying to imaginaryly rub the pain out of my fucking forearm and feet (we all know rubbing doesnt help shit). Ass exploding n shit. I have ulcers, or HAD… whatever. So every drunken shit for me is a def con 5 event.
I think I woke up drunk AND blowed that night.

Anyway… I did say all that to say and ask this. Have you ever had to take a drunken shit and fell asleep on the toilet? And then woke back up, and had to remember where you were? Like, Oh, im on the toilet. One of those times I actually fell asleep in the middle of taking a shit. That was pretty wack, although I did wake up kinda surprised. I felt like I had reached a high point and a very low point simultaneously some how. I still dont know what those two points were though.

Ive fallen alseep on the toilet like 3 times. I know I cant be the only person out there this has happen to.

There is probably some super alcholic reading this that this must happen to all the time. lol hopefully said person has some tips to share lol.

The wackest of all these situations though is probably having to throw up in that whole mix as well. Especially in the middle of taking a shit. Which im sure has happen to somebody. Not me though. Im not THAT much of a drunk. Ive only given it up twice. I have ulcers though, thats why ive been yanked out of my sleep so many times to have to take a shit.

And I can safely say, as wack as it is having to take a drunken shit in the middle of the night. I think about 90% of those nights were worth it. The other 10% though, might be part of the reason I dont really drink that often anymore lol. Those nights are probably the reason Ive sworn off alot of other shit too though lol. Probably because just when you thought your wack drunken night is over, you have to WAKE UP and take a drunken shit. Which will probably give you time to RE-reflect on how wack your night just was lol. When you thought the shit was over when you hit your pillow the first time. Especially when its two to three drunken shits in one night lol. WOOOOOOOOOOOO that will make you swear off a whole lot of shit you thought was great before that night lol.

I havent taken a drunken shit in a long time actually. But just a month ago, I did have to get up in the middle of the night and take a shit due to me eating a buncha BULLSHIT because I had the munchies lol.

lol that shit happen to you too many times, and youll be eating healthy and organic snacks when you have the munchies lol (if at all fuckin with me lol). Apples and Carrots n shit lol. Unless youre a dumb fuck like me and eat like 3 pounds of carrots and broccoli with hella sour cream based dip lmao.
I was on the toilet thinking to myself… gotdammit, imma fucking idiot. That shit was hella good tho lmao.

Oh, this picture up here is the fucking GUTS by the way, Gotdamn lmao