Uhmah Park

man… isnt seeing people you went to highschool with the most awkward shit to ever happen?

you know, like if you aint seen em in a long time. and they walk up on you, and they like “HEY!” and you gotta step back and try to remember who the fuck this person is… then you gotta look at them like… ummm i know i know you from some where, you look kinda familar. but different. OH! i used to know you long time ago! how are you doing!?
and in the course of while youre talking to them, you have to remember this muthafuckas name, some how some way. but you gotta go thru all that other shit in like 2 seconds of intial contact lol… or the shit will be more awkard than its going to be. but in the mean time you have to give them that general ass – avoid having to use thier name conversation. and GOD FORBID if you have to introduce this muthafucka to somebody your with. like yea this is.. umm ummm… fuck what was your name again?
oh! now its a whole hell of a lot more awkard that it already was going to be!
so then the person tells you thier name and thats its own brand of awkwardness.
and then when youre like “oh thats right!” you have to actually REMEMBER them and shit about them.
but thats if you happen to forget that persons name or not. in a tad bit more of a favorable situation, you would.

yesterday i was at dave and busters and this same shit happen to me. but it was my black ass that walked up to this girl i used to know and said hey. no big excietment or anything but i just walked up to her like i knew her. (because i did, remembered her name and everything… shanna) and she pulled that whole shit. lol except she was with her friend that went to the rest room, and wasnt around. and she never said my name but i could tell she didnt remember that shit lol. so i just was like hey, how you been. and it was hella uncomfortable for me after that… because a nigga like me…. ran outta shit to say lol. that quick. i didnt know what the fuck to do, so i told her “nice seeing you again………….. aight.” waved goodby like a muthafucka. went and sat down. fuck it.

but im wondering… what in the fuck do you say to people you havent seen in a long ass time? maybe im just bad with that shit. its hella awkard for me. i think im bad with people i dont know. i DO NOT know what to say. the only things i ever come with are:
Hey, how you been?
what you been up to?
whens the last time i seen you? (maybe)

but thats fuckin it lol. im extra done after that. i usually HOPE they will say… oh i just been workin or going to school. and then i can ask them about that and “how is that going for you?” maybe something about what it is they do or studing. if they dont… im assed out. that whole conversation is all down hill from there lol. but seriously… im not trying to interview them like that. and furthermore, i cant say im all that interested… its like man, in most cases, me and this muthafucka dont talk no more for a reason. im not trying to put my self in a situation where me and long time no see over here see each other more than we already havent been.
well maybe sometimes you would like to kinda. for whatever reason. but fuck, tell whats been up later lol. when i can plan to be interested in whats been going on with you.
but i guess it would be my fault for asking… but then again… i fuckin feel obligated damn near. like i said. its awkard for me. i cant just play muthafuckas off like that. oh hi! gotta go nigga! peace! nice seeing you again…. although its clear im lying because if i wasnt lying, i would have made at least a half assed effort to catch up.
i can be fucked up, but im not that fucked up lol. plus… usually i can make myself and somebody else laugh through this incounter.
so what it is, is… if i feel obligated to catch up with you, because im not that mean of a guy. me being a nice guy or a mean guy has nothing to do with it, what im hoping for is that some how this chance meeting will result in some laughter later on, some where else. either that, or a hook up. lol because shit… people gotta work… shit slips through the crack, and it aint about what you know its who you know. if i can get hooked up with some shit… dont matter what it is. long as its free or half price, im all for it lol. but my first concern is the jokes later on lol.

like when i saw shanna… caught up for a second… hey how you been yap yap yap… then i was off to sit down with the homies and eat ( we hella blowed ). and it took me like 20 min to remember what was so funny about me seeing this girl. and it hit me… and i think i said it too loud. i said “oh yea, i remember why me seeing this girl is kinda funny. Her friend sucked my dick in front of her mamma house. and she (shanna) used to be standin RIGHT THERE all in my shit, while i was trying to get her to come off some head back in fuckin highschool! gotdamn!”
i remember shanna… she was there when i got kicked by that retarded girl. she was standing directly on my side and so was the girl that ended up givin me head (thats a whole seperate blogger entry… if i havent came with that shit already ). this girl though, this was one of the only girls that ive ever met that can sucessfully crack a joke on me, with out me having SHIT to say back. like she could get me bad lol. i dont know how lol. but she used to talk SHIT to me lol. i never understood though… this girl would keep her hair and nails done, and dressed like one of her overweight 40 year old aunties. it was weird. she had a big ol ass. she just… i dont know… never tried to be cute with her shit. her man league scoring system score though? like 40 something, mid 40’s… some ol ill never tell cut. and NO i didnt cut her either… i swear. because i know SOMEBODY is gonna ask me later. asshole. anyway…. just because youre score is low, that dont mean you give up. if you gone give up, why get your hair and nails done? fuck i dont know…

but what really has me puzzeled is… why every time i see somebody i used to go to highschool with… im either drunk as fuck or high as fuck. im NEVER sober when i see somebody i havent seen in a long time. imma fuck around have people saying all kinda shit about my black ass… and then IMMA be the nigga being laughed at later, instead of them. “girl, i saw oj the other day and he was fucked up!”
“yea i saw him like a month or two ago, and he was fucked up then too!”
“daaaaaaaaaamn homie!”
lol you know every since that gotdamn song came out… niggas been sayin that shit about muthafuckas who fucked up after highschool lol. the fuck happen to you?
but yea man… damn near every single time… im never fuckin sober. like my homegirl ebony. i seen her on the 4th of july, i havent seen her damn near since graduation day lol. and i see her on the 4th, and i was blowed outta my mind. yapped it up for a second in front of her house. and bonned out. then i seen her a few months later… it was at my parents house. and i was drunk as fuck when she got there lol. and we went out to dave and busters later… me her and some friends n shit. and i started throwin back mojitos. i was toasted that day lol. eh… oh well lol. fuck it lol.

just for the record tho, im fucking slick… if i dont know a muthafucka name when i have to introduce them to somebody im with… i give the ol:
“oh yea… this is my ( insert relation to this person ) ( insert said persons name )” introducing them to the person im with.
and then if i can remember how i know this muthafucka:
“yea (insert said persons name you are intoducing mystery muthafucka to) we ( state how you know or where you know mystery muthafucka from)” so it would be like… oh yea this is my cousin tiffany. then turn to tiffany and say: yea tiffany… we know each other from my highschool… then turn back to mystery muthafucka like: so how you been?
see how that works?
i got caught up with that one time, just KNEW i had this niggas name right. introducing him to my cousin like yea this is jimmy jr, lonnies cousin. this nigga was like naw, thats my brother… im BB. gotdamn was i moded! shit was ruff, and fucked up after that… shit! i felt all awkard lol.


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