Uhmah Park

This is the fucking guts!!! If you havent heard, apparently this nigga Rick Ross used to be a Corrections Officer at a jail in Miami. Dont believe its true? http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2008/0721081rickross1.html

So like I was saying, THIS shit is the guts. .First this nigga said that the picture was fake and was manufactured by somebody fake to entertain the fake. You know. Ive been on the internet for a long ass time. Not only that, but Id like to think I have my ghetto stripes, earned and true. So my experiences and observations over time usually have told me, people that use the word “fake” alot, are usually super full of shit! They boost and brag about how they real I’m this that and the thrid, you the fake person you the this that or whatever. Then the truth smacks them upside their head violently.

Its a little bit of a mystery to me, how time and time again, the same thing happens. Do fraudulent people not have some kind of tactical news letter or underground message board or something? You would think somebody would come with a better plan eventually. But nope. Most people do the same shit every time. Whats even worse, is that these people are so hard to spot. Well, maybe not in this fat niggas case.

I dont follow this nigga at all. But I hear that he claims that one day he just took over which ever scene that he proclaims he took over in relation to his raps and the streets. Right. If you’ve ever spent a good amount of time “on the streets” you can basically bet, that SOMEBODY knows you from SOME WHERE. Nigga, nobody comes from no where. Somebody in your hood is suppose to know you, and not just when MTV cameras come around and your home boys come out they cousin house talkin about yea thats my nigga he been here for a min n shit.

Take me. I’m from LA. From 53rd and Hoover.

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The house on the right, is my Grandma’s old house (RIP) We used to live in the house in the back. You see that long drive way? Back there. LOL the house used to be Red. If you drag the the picture to look “behind you” per-say. You will see that niggas Marks car lol. Im not sure if its that nigga standing out there. But Im sure one of them niggas last names is Jackson lol. Aaaah, I need to go post over there. I remember back in the day, Having that red ass car on that block WAS NOT safe lol. But Anyway….

Now if I jumped up any where, and tried to make a living, talking about Yea I be crippin it up. I used to be a hoover groover crip and all that. You can go back to this street right here, and find one of the Jacksons and ask about OJ’s crippin past. Them niggas will tell you there isnt one lol. Maybe my Uncle Kerry.
So it would be stupid of me to claim I bang anything. Not only that, but get up there and front and lie and make money off the fact that I did all these things. Of course you can make the argument that no real thug can really rap. I agree. But a CO nigga??!?!?! Thats way too much for me lol. AND the fact this nigga got up there and tried to insult niggas intelligence talking about my shit is 100% real. Even if this fat fuck was never a CO. Nigga you expect me to believe all the shit you talk is real? Im sorry, if this nigga didnt cross the line by lying about being a cop, trying to tell me all this drug talk you got doing on is real is super pissing me off lol. This is irritating me more than Jezzy talkin about he keep his stash at his fucking auntie house. Stupid nigga. Nigga, shut the fuck up Nigga. Please.

lol the fake entertaining the fake, Nigga please. Then what do liars do to entertain themselves nigga? Lie to the public and laugh behind the scenes until they are outted? Maybe that nigga should go ask Bush lol. I would really like to see what happens with this nigga after this. This is good lol. This is the best thing since…. I honestly dont know when. Im sure it will come to me eventually.

Now excuse me while I go entertain myself with more fake shit lol. Maybe I’ll go download this niggas album or something lol Seems good lol lol not really. That nigga is wack to boot on top of everything lol