O on Jay


No, I’m not talking about Obama on Jay Leno tonite, Im talking about me ( OJ ) … well I didnt exactly make the show. It just so happens that I was kinda working with a R&B group at the time. They were in town and asked if I wanted to come to the Tonite show and watch a taping. SURE! Why the hell not ?!?

So here I am sitting there, I didnt know who was gonna be on the show or anything. I just knew who the musical guest was. Were all seated and this comedian guy comes out and cracks a couple of jokes, goes into his whole crowd hype routine to get the audience going and what not. He tells us that Halle Berry and Tim Russert (R.I.P.), SCORE! I wont go into how I felt about Halle being there but I knew who Tim Russert was and I really wanted to watch that interview. Not only that, but I figured this would be the closest I’d EVER get to Halle Berry. Then the comedian guy goes into this thing where we were suppose to practice for Jay to come out and we were suppose to get up and clap and cheer like they do in the beginning of every show. But it was just practice… and well, at the time I kinda felt like Allen Iverson about them and their gotdamn practice applause and hype. I figured I’d stand my black ass up and clap when Jay brought his ass the fuck out! Applause practice my ass.

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