Uhmah Park

Now Hear This!

Recently The OJ ( me ) has been told some ridiculious bullshit about his appearance!

by more than a few individuals…

I think i should address these comments, for they have rendered me overwhemlingly irate and discusted!

Comments refering to my eyebrows.


That is the way them muthafuckas grow… i have nothing personally to do with there appearnce other than rub them sumbitches back before i make appearances in public!

Furthermore i would like to add that i am rather in-fucking-sulted that muthafuckas would even think that a nigga such as my self would even proform such femmine acts! im too damn lazy to cut my hair half the time, WHY in tha hell would i spend TIME in tha mirror archin my shit?

Fuck this… im takin my damn pictures off the internet completly!

lol muthafuckas…

Also, i would like to address any comments with relation to The OJ ( me ) resembeling well known public figures ( actors, singers, basketball players ).

I Look like NOBODY except for OJ! ( smith… myself, not those other famous OJ’s )… im pretty damn sure, some people are now saying to themselves… what in tha hell is he talking about? Who has he been told he looks like?!?!

Well… Fuck Yall! i aint sayin shit for a couple of reasons!

1. Muthafuckas cant damn read, and will be like… AHH NIGGA PLEASE! you dont look like whoopty whoop! what in tha fuck is your problem?

See… im not sayin i DO look like this guy… im sayin i DONT, regaurdless of how many people i tell, somebody said i look like whomever and i think i dont… they think im sayin i do.

2. Because I DONT look like those other damn guys… i look like OJ and thats all ill ever look like, i may look like FATHER maybe, or my MOMMA???? maybe… but no… nobody thats not related to me.

so stop with the bullshit please…

all those who do not comply will be furiously insulted!

That is all