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Not yet Titled.

damn… i can not think of a title for this damn entry…. oh well.

And now… for your reading pleasure… transcripts from an instant message converstaion by OJ and Max, Featuring Calvin during the second half of the Lakers ass kicking of the spurs.
Commentary by OJ.

MAX: yeah this about over

— it is annouced that kevin willis is to enter the basketball game —

OJ: kevin willis is a brute
MAX: thas why he played so long
OJ: yea nigga….
OJ: that nigga can brench press a bug lol

— we get a visual on Kevin Willis, and OJ spots a joke! —

OJ: gotdamn
OJ: kevin willis look like a black ass destro
MAX: hell yeah
OJ: lmao
MAX: lol the black destro
OJ: LOL!!!!

— OJ goes over to another AIM window to share the joke with long time and good friend… Calvin —
— Calvin also has jokes, and now… we go back over to the AIM window with
Max to share Calvins gutty statment —

OJ: OJ: kevin willis looks like a black ass destro nigga….
CALVIN: yes he is in the Ugly Hall of Fame
CALVIN: and he has T-Rex arms
OJ: LMAO!!!!!
MAX: lol
MAX: so u sayin Kevin willis went to Jurrassic Park High?

— turns out… that Max is also sharing jokes with Calvin —

MAX: CALVIN: LMAO…that nigga eats goats for dinner
OJ: LMAO!!!!
MAX: I always thought he was a cyborg myself
MAX: like that van damme movie
OJ: lol gotdamn
OJ: LOL!!!!
OJ: or … like SOLO?!?!?!?
MAX: lmao
OJ: mario van peoples!!!
MAX: *dead*
OJ: lmao

— small break for game talk… —

OJ: damn no foul?!?!?
MAX: oh no
OJ: shaq is smart
OJ: !!

— joke reflection —

MAX: not solo
OJ: yes nigga…
MAX: *still laffin*
OJ: Solo!
OJ: LOL!!!
MAX: lol … kevin willis = da universal soldier
MAX: *whew*
OJ: there he go nigga!
MAX: as soon as I say that he hits a shot
MAX: aw man….
MAX: that was so funny

— More jokes and jokes and jokes and jokes —

OJ: lol
OJ: solo got him lol
MAX: solo always gets his man
OJ: they should have made a part two for BET lol
MAX: arabesque films presents… solo in love
OJ: LOL!!!!
OJ: Solo in africa!
MAX: solo 2: electric boogaloo
OJ: LMAO!!!!!!!!

gutty shit indeed….
now for TNT’s Inside the NBA…
speaking of which… Danny Angie and his punk ass will no long offer his hella bias, stupid ass, so called aynalist skills for tnt basketball games. and i am a happy man because of it. dude sucks.

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LOL….I’m missed the Solo 2: Electric Boogaloo joke….

Wooooooooooo shit!

Man that was the most exciting the Spurs have been all year! They play shitty basketball!

black Destro and T-Rex arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man y’all killed me with this shit!!! ‘but got me fired. but you couldn’t tell Kevin Willis’s “7 foot nigga with a 6 footer’s arms” ass he wasn’t the man back in the day.

The mavs have NO inside presence. at all. sean bradly gets done dirty by 6 footers so he dont count.
and do you also realize that the mavs managed to lose a 30 point lead to the lakers in less than a half?
now… you tell me who’s better… and prove it this time smart guy.

first off, im not a guy. secondly, i realize shawn bradely sucks, but every team has a sucky player. i hear about that from different people during every game. and every team has a few bad games like that one against the lakers. but have you seen van excel lately? he is doing pretty frickin awesome. and dirk too. and nash. and finley. for every one bad player on the mavs team, theres four good ones. so yes, the mavs are better.

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