Uhmah Park

you want to bomb my house my main man?

lmao wooo shit!!! im watching southpark right now. the one where cartman trys to spread xmas joy to iraq. and these niggas shot santas fat ass right out the muthafuckin sky. then they tourtured him with eletroshock therapy to his nuts…
and santa hollars out… NOT SANTAS BALLS!! gotdamn lmao i damn near suffocated lol, maybe its one of those things you had to see… but i swear i almost pissed on my self laughin at that shit. then you have the fuckin only fuckin iraqi that speak english, and after everything he says “my main man”. fuckin shit! i cant fuck with these muthafucaks gotdamn.

anyway, this entry was REALLY suppose to be titled “Call us, so we can get your dumb ass fired” but fuck, that shit damn near killed me.

but like i was GOING to say… so im sitting here watching south park n shit… and this fuckin commercial comes on. Talkin about… hey are you being over worked? are you being over worked and not being compensated? do you work a salary job and arent getting paid any over time? Call us at 866 SOMESHIT.

and i cant help but wonder, who in the fuck would be dumb enough to call that bullshit and actually file a claim against thier fucking job? what the fuck do they think would happen afterward? they WILL find a way to fire your punk ass. during the fucking commercial, they ask some shit like “do you have a slight managerial responsiblities, on top of your already mounting work?” or some shit like that. lets say youre thinking to your self… why, yes i do, this is my exact situation. im pretty youre your shorted sited ass isnt thinking… hmm? am i fucking replaceable?!?! chances are, if youre not being paid like youre suppose to be…. youre definitly replaceable homie.
so yea… you call up these muthafuckas, like yea… my job is fricken screwing me on my pay man! could you guys take my job to court on my behalf so i can get paid what im suppose to? ok dumb fuck… lets just say… you win your lil case. and now youre getting paid what you were “suppose” to getting paid in the first place. everything is great huh? WRONG!
i DARE you to fuck up one good time, if its a good enough reason, youre fucking GONE. if they catch you coming back 3 min late from break. oh youre getting wrote up. i bet YOUR dumb ass is thinking “3 min? thats not a big deal!” well asshole… rules are rules and since YOU wanted to be on that shit. well guess what? now were enforcing them shits! congratulations mr/miss i wanted to take my fucking job to court. and what happens if you are caught socializing, please believe, when they write you up… they are going to HYPE it bad. hella bad! and eventually after being written up so much, youre going to be fucking fired. you thought your fuckin job sucked before? its going to HELLA suck now… but good news! Your job wont suck for long! Why? because you wont even HAVE that shit that long after you file that case, ya jack ass!
but on the other side, you take your job to court and you fuck around and LOSE, then what? no harm no file? WRONG! WRONG! same shit is still going to happen! but now, no raise! way to fucking go!
i couldnt believe that shit the first time i saw it lol. i had to wait for that shit to come on again to see if it was foreal lol.

man… file a claim against your job. who do these muthafuckas think they are? do they think they are really helping these people out? NO! because they are going to be in an even worse situation than they started. chances are, the pay increase wont be THAT fucking much lol. would it even be worth all that trouble? you will probably have to fucking miss work, to show the fuck up in court, i hope you have leave! lol.
Normally, i dont hate on a good come up. but this is just bad lol. i mean, there are enough half wits in the country to go for this (im talking to you, red staters). this whole shit could possibly slightly have a bad effect on the american econmic structure. if people lose thier jobs, the economy suffers. businesses suffer when they have to defend them selves in court over some retarded shit. and they were probably doing pretty good over working your ass. but now they have to come out the poket a little bit more. so then thier have to be cut backs. and somebody else might fuck around and get fired. lol in a perfect world the muthafucka responsible would have to pick up the slack lol, and be underpaid all over again lol.
you see where this could possibly go?
this whole shit is just unamerican! lol. foreal lol i think the taliban, al queda or some other punk ass terrorist group came up with this to be honest lol. ( Well not really, but lets just say i really believe that shit lol ) they are set on fucking up this country where it really hurts. the american economy. this whole scheme may actually have a SUPER small effect on the economy………. but we are talking about the same group of muthafuckas that WILL throw a rock at a big ass muthafuckin tank, if they have to. they are no strangers to ryde or die. and every little bit counts lol. 1 solider + bomb = MAYBE 8 isrealis… its all worth it to them lol. im not JUST talking about palistinians, the only muthafuckas in the middle east ( what a dumb discription of an area ) that like isreali’s, are…. fuckin isrealies lol. most middle eastern countries find some way to fuck somethin up in isreal, not just palistien. anyway… im talking about terrorist anti american muthafuckas. which wouldnt include palistienians, they arent terrorist, they are revolutioniaries. there is a difference. but thats some whole other shit.

but like i was saying… this is america people (fuck yea! lol). this country was BUILT by muthafuckas that was underpaid and hella over worked. you know who im talking about… SLAVES! the muthafuckas that was brought over here, against they will, to work the land that eventually lead to the economy this country enjoys today. good or bad… its still one of the best out. not just slaves tho… there are tons black men and women who never got credit for all the hard work, thier ideas and inventions and contributions that made this country what it is today. but we wont go into all that. my main point is… over worked and underpaid is how this country has always worked lol. back then… all niggas got was ass kickings, degridation, pork, christainity and more work as compensation for thier labor. at least YOU are getting monataraly compensated for your time!

the only muthafuckas that deserve to be overpaid are people who are smart enough to be over paid. and if you THINK youre smart enough to be over paid, but you look up, and you happen to fuckin discover that you are infact NOT being overpaid or at least being paid even steven. then chances are… youre probably not smart enough to NOT be over worked lol lol. congratulations!

so OJ, how do i manage to get my self into a postion to where i can be overpaid… im smart enough. at least i think i am?
Well, to you i say… fuck, i dont know? muthafucka im trying to keep ME overpaid lol. i dont have time to figure out how to put you in a postion you probably shouldnt be in lol……………………. unless of course, you want to pay me to help you get to where you wanna be lol. then we can come up with something together lol. and you know imma help you, because… if you dont get paid… I dont get paid. and im serious about me being overpaid lol. im trying to be overpaid as much as possible lol.
its either, pay me… or keep your current job, and call the muthafuckas at 866 F-U-PAY-ME. they are gonna want some doe if they win the case too you know. might as WELL pay me. i wont get you fired lol. whicha dumb ass lol.


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