Uhmah Park

Have you ever heard of the Black Weblog Awards? The first time i heard of this was last year. My Ace ( Jen ) and I happen to stumble across the site and at first, ill admit, i kinda thought it was lame. Yes, i said "My Ace", ive always wanted to use that word in a sentence. Anyway… So we both kinda thought it was lame. But then i thought about it a lil more, and it occurred to me.This is actually kinda great. A small step towards unity maybe? A super small step maybe? Yes lol. But niggas gotta start some where lol. Plus, i think it creates camaraderie amongst Black people over the net. I mean, we are ALL only separated by a good 4 degrees… MAYBE. Im pretty sure, with in 2 contacts, i can get in contact with the creators of this Black weblog award, and i dont even know them, or if its just one person. Im willing to bet im only two people removed from them though. Every Black person who has a blogger, knows each other. Some how some way. So, things like this are great for us all to come together as at least simi intelligent people, and receive recognition for our collective hobby. Blogging. Might as well. Wouldnt hurt at all.

Other people hold similar events.All for the good of what they got going on. There interest and voting and nominating all pertain to thing that could only be relevant to them for the most part. Which is cool. But if we dont recognize us, who will? The only people we should rely on to do things for us, is US.
So i think the whole thing is great. ( and not just because i got nominated this year lol )

However lol, since we ARE dealing with niggas. lol And these IS awards. Niggas did find a way to get upset, mad, and offended at the finalist. Which is overwhelmingly funny to me. I guess some things we are just going to have to deal with no matter what. Might as well get used to it huh?

So yea, i was nominated. Thanks to everybody who voted for me and got me nominated.It goes down. I didnt even know i was nominated. I found out on accident. Maybe i dont check my email like i thought i did. Who knows.

None the less, I am nominated for Best Blog Design. Which is kinda funny to me. Because half the reason i havent really been blogging is because i was frustrated with the way this thing looks and its functionality.lol i sound like one of those nerdy white guys all anal about web shit.
Anyway I was also planning on a redesign. But seeing how im nominated and all for the current standing design, i suppose ill keep it up for a while.

Might even fuck around and make sure i blog on the regular again. I think i will. Hot damn

Now imma go watch entourage. Peace.



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