Uhmah Park

*this just in*

all previous reports that fabolus was the new mase were false.

The Mase of the new millenium is NELLY

wack bastard.

i am convienced that mase was a slow muthafucka

NOTE: “slow” is tha nigga code word for “retarded”

that nigga just wasnt there all tha time. he couldnt have been to be on tha shit he was on lol.

And nelly aint NOOOO gotdamn better. he is on tha same shit.

if you are a nelly fan… and your offended… GOOD! you suck too gotdammit… for likin that slow muthafucka and his wack rhymes.

and if you want to admit to me that nelly is one of your favorite rappers then i want you to know that i think less of you as a person. And you are a wack person just like him… jive ass turkies. Let me prove to you that this nigga is a wack bastard. in tha jagged edge song that nigga said ” i want a rose / not tha one wit tha stems / the one with tha rims ” dumb fuck… umm do you mean ROLLS?!?!?!?! and is ROLLS ROYCE?!?!?!?! there is NO EXCUSE for that shit… not EVER. that nigga is just a gotdamn dummy…

Some guy on blackplanet pointed that shit out… and i couldnt believe that shit when he said it… i had to actually go download tha damn song just to see… and sho nuff… Nelly is speical kid class retarded… i know it…

muthafuckas makes sing alongs… wack bastard