Negative Shit

Usually, taking a crap is suppose to provide some relief to your bowels, guts and what not. But have you ever taken a shit, and got up from the toilet and didnt feel like you walked away with a positive experience. Dont really even blame your self… give the toilet a dirty ass look. Like its the toilets fault your guts are folded. lol I dont know what the hell I ate. But if my next session goes like that, lets just say I aint looking forward to it. Imma have to start drinking more water or something.

2 Responses to “Negative Shit”

  1. I read your blog for the first time today!! You’re hilarious!! Just stoppin thru to give you props for a hilarious blog…Ima have ta disagree with you on the whole Lakers thing though….Ima HUGE Phoenix Fan..and now that Shaq is back, DOMINATION Is about to begin!

    Check my blog out though…