Uhmah Park

Need to lose weight?
are you a lazy muthafucka?

well click here and embrace (oops lol got it right now ) your salvation ( no bullshit )

all you internet people… doing half ass work outs and bullshit dieting… you know you wanna click that shit. this shit here is the answer for all the big girls chattin online LYING to muthafuckas talkin about “im thick!” when you are really, relentlessly punishing the chair you are sittin your fat ass in lying to some dumb ass dude who dont know any better.

basiclly… its just no sugar… no carbs…. but you can eat anything else… protien protien protien…. meat meat meat… dairy all that good shit. you can even eat bacon. most fruits and veggies… all that good shit… just no bread lol and youre good to go.

but… be warned… for the first couple days… you will have no energy… but who cares? you are a lazy muhfucka right? sittin on yo ass and eating is what you do! it goes down!
if i was fat… id be all over this shit! if i was slightly over weight… id be all over this shit.
also be warned… if youre gonna do this shit… and you are a pork or a beef eater… dont work out at all lol…. or you will fuck around and have a heart attack lol. this muhfucka at costco told me he lost 50 MUTHAFUCKIN pounds in 7 damn months! i am a believer lol…. i know people on this shit and seen them lose weight in the first week… and still goin.

aint nothin to it but to do it!

no carbs!

your body burns carbs for energy… when there are no carbs… your body burns the next avaliable thing… FAT!
the weight (fat) melts away… its damn near magic. amazing to say the least… do you chair a favor… do your stelletos a favor… have mercy on that button on your favorite tight fitting jeans… do the suspension in your fucking car a gotdamn favor… yes… its a 2000 pound machine… but it was only meant to carry so much on one gotdamn side… gotdamn!

click the link!

now… if there was a diet for ugly… id feel alot better about clicking on random links to peoples blogger with they picture on the side. lookin like thier nick name should be “Oh No!” muhfuckas be ugly as possible… and big… gotdamn… i guess if you gonna fuck up… fuck up all the way. huh? shit… its already bad enough muhfuckas be typing about a whole buncha nottagotdamnthing. on some… ” oh… its so hard to find a good man ” shit… bitch! did you forget that this morning the mirror turned its back on your uncomfortablely ugly ass? of course its hard to find a good man, who is gonna put up with your ugly ass, with your ugly ass issues, and your ugly ass ways. ugly girls need to face the fact that they are ugly… and start learning how to give good head… and take a culanary class or two ( NO CARBS FOR YOU THO! of course lol lets not blow it lol ). thats the only way a ugly girl is gonna keep any type of nigga in her life, even for a little while ( which is better than nothing right? lol )… even another ugly ass nigga. dudes can get away with being ugly ( sometimes… tyrone hill has nba money behind him, i dout that nigga has groupies… honestly ) … a girl? pshhh you just fucked in the game lol unless you ohprah… and not all the way ugly… and got a hot billion ass dollars and a staff of stylist to back you up. but take somebody like…… joan rivers… that muhfucka there been ugly since ugly was ugly was ugly. and she is only getting old and worse… plastic surgery as only kept her from looking like the cript keeper… she still ugly… its sad when your ugly can shine thru thousands of dollars of surgery! or ellen degenerious… SHIT! or that mimi muhfucka from drew carey. i think the only muhfucka uglier than her is the fucking devil him self.

im sorry… i didnt mean to start talkin about ugly people.

this post was orginally meant to help those that was in the not know ( and killing chairs ) rather you just wanna lose a few pounds… or a lotta pounds ( equivlant of the avarage weight of a big 3rd grader lol ) …. this is the best way ive seen thus far. plain and simple.

im only hear to help ( kinda more like point in the right direction ) and talk shit ( mostly lol )

and yes… i know ” oj, youre SO fucked up ”
ive been hearing it all day


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