Uhmah Park

If you didnt know, i shall inform dat ass.

Today, is National OJ observance day… Commonly known as Memorial day. But not so commonly known on this very day in 1979… May 27th… 5 Days in Gemini Season… 23 years ago… the nations day to remember those lost in battle was substituted for a more……… hm… shit… some better shit… that shit is depressing. And so along came ME, on memorial day ( now National OJ observance day ), that sunny day in 1979. And with the birth of me came Sunny days ( damn near gaurenteed ), a day off from work… and a good ass reason to BBQ and spend time with your friends and family at somebodys park/house/apt

doesnt get much better than that people.

Today… i spent National OJ observance day with my Family ( inclusive of my room mate / best friend / business partner syl ) and that was it… i BBQ’d. everybody liked my cooking… i thought they was gonna talk shit for some reason… ive havent cooked for my family in a long time.

I hope every one had a blessed National OJ Observance day.

id like to give big birthday shots to my Twin in Crime, Tha Killa Cal ( id link his page but im tired and too lazy to lol ).That bastards birthday is a day before mine and he likes to remind me of it often. But we all know who is the Fresher of me and him……… yea.. And to Vee… my friend in toronto who also has a birthday on this same day.

and the lady that submits commits on this site sometimes as well ( i think her name is trina? im sleepy and dont feel like checking lol ).. her birthday is also today. thumbs up.

i was gonna come with some new shit for this site. But i work at least 11 hours a day ( damn near had to work today… should have… anyway… ), even tho im in front of my shit all the time… i steadly try to complete a endless list of task. Which dont leave me much time to work on my shit. but… soon. I will be changin the main site and this shit, possibly commin with a new name. ill also be adding some shit that ive been workin on. i need to hurry up… i been seeing people do things with there site that ive been planning to do for a cool min. Not sayin that people are bitting, they arent… they just beat me to it lol… aint like i was tellin people what i wanted to do…. but i still need to buss my shit… anyway.


People always ask me… hey… what is Five27? what does it mean?

well… for those who it wasnt real obvious too lol…

Five 27 ( 5 – 27 / May 27th ) is the only holiday i celerbrate ( National OJ observance day lol ).

been like that since… shit… i can remember..