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#MyFollowersRandomPlaylist Vol 1

The other day I asked my followers on twitter and facebook to name the first song that came to mind when they saw the post. I was being random and it turns out that my the resulting list of songs were random; some of my friends and followers are pretty gotdamn random lol. So I thought I’d put together a playlist of the songs my peoples posted. Im not a huge fan of a lot of the songs posted, but thats not the point. I guess you can call it a social experiment. Dont ask me what purpose it serves though. All of this really came out of no where. I liked the way it turned out though.

I put together a youtube playlist with a track listing and thoughts below.

Raul – Jake and the neverland pirates
— gotdammit dogg lol. I didnt know what the hell this was. I do a search and find out the hard way lol. damn.

Drew – This lil light o mine
— smh, dammit. and dammit some more lol. To match your randomness, I found the click of the fresh prince when ashley and carlton sang this shit with the choir lol.

Herb – Song Cry
— One of the few Jay -Z songs I dont fuck with. I hate emotional songs lol. Never seen this video… couldnt bring myself to sit through it either lol

Brandi – Pop That by French Montana. LOL!
— lol thank you for bringing this video into my life.  This was also the first time Ive heard this whole song allt he way through.

Mayra – Eminem loose yourself
— I never liked this song. I love EM tho

Alex – “My Boo” by the ghost town DJs.
— LOL this nigga here ………… this shit still beats lol.

Lewis – “Just don’t Bite it” NWA i use to play it for the ladies on our first date, lol
— LMAO Lewis is dumb. This is my shit tho lol.

Whitni – Rose Royce- Car Wash? Random!
— Every time I hear this song, I wish I could roller skate backwards

Kevin – Pink Floyd – Sorrow
— Ive never heard this song before. Its cool.. dont know if I could sit through it sober lol.

Todd – its bigger than hip hop!!!
— This beat never gets old. Classic

Someone, I dont remember who, posted Faith Evans, Soon as I get home. Which is one of my favorite songs ever. I absolutely love this song. Every time I hear it I stop what Im doing. I love this whole album. This is the last bit of R&B I messed with. This song makes me want to be nice and spoil some sweet young lady with any and everything I have to offer as a man lol.

Me – The Doors – Love me two times
— because thats the last song that was playing on my Ipod when I posted this. Ive been blasting The Doors and  Jimi Hendrix all day.

I cant find the songs my twitter followers replied with. Im going to have to write them down next time.

Ill do this again one day, I think I like this.



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