Uhmah Park

ah yea!

… in the black benz limo with the cellar phone…..

i remember the first time i heard this shit… i was like 7… in tulsa oklahoma… and one of my older cousins was bangin this tape in her walk man… and she let me listen to it… posses on broadway happen to be playing…
but at the time… i didnt like it… and that made me not wanna kick it with none of them country ass niggas after that. and my whole reasoning was because they listened to wack music lol.

its the guts tho… because i still wont kick it with anybody who listens to too much wack shit.

anyway… the homie hit me up with tha message ” my posses on broadway “, right before i was about to black out and that shit was stuck in my head… i just had to download it… and the remix ( ah yes… there is a remix… its also fresh ) and umm … like 40 other tracks.

i have an addiction lol


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