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George Carlin died today and there are millions of people on the internet typing out entries as to how great he was. He was indeed a great comic. I’ve been watching his act since I was like 10. I didnt get some of the jokes of course, but I was a pretty smart kid and I’ve been watching the news since I can remember. So, I kinda kept up.

But I’d just like to point out one thing.

George Carlin died at 71. John McCain, is currently 71 if I’m not mistaken.

I’m just sayin. Let’s just say, God forbid, that we have to live through 8 years of McCain and whoever is his VP. He will be like 80 by the end of his term. I’m taking the over/under on him not seeing the end of his term.

Am I saying dont vote for McCain, because he’s old? No. I’m not. I’m just sayin eye his VP closely. You might have to deal with him in a manner you dont really plan on.

Still not scared? As much as muthafuckas hate Bush, what if somebody would have killed him over being mad at … shit… lets just say 3 dollar fucking gas. Because 2 gotdamn dollars was WAY too fucking high in the fucking first place. Nobody remembers that shit though. Although that sounds pretty fucking great right now.

Anyway. How do you think even ONE gotdamn year of CHENEY would have gone? I have a word I use for such matters like this. Matters that involve an unfathomable amount of bullshit and everything that would basically be as wack as possible. That word? “UNGOOD”.

Thats right. Ungood. When somebody says something is “UNGOOD” to you, even though its not a word. What do you immediately think of? It must be all fuckin bad. No positives at all.
Things have continuously gotten worse for the American public over the last 7 years and some months. No… We are probably at 8 Years, because the 2000 Bush campaign was a bunch of bullshit. Everybody was saying to themselves for months. Nobody is gonna vote for this muthafucka are they?
So as bad as things have gotten, could they get worse? Well. Clearly they could. Although, Cheney did become president breifly once. Bush went under for a surgery or something. And for like 2 hours Cheney was president. Thats probably when gas started going up again from 2 dollars and some change lol. I’m sure he authorized something in that time.

Alright, I’ve said what I had to say. This picture of Cheney looking at me and waving is creeping me the fuck out, I swear. I’m trying not to look at the screen and shit. This is dumb.

RIP George Carlin.

In an unrelated random note. I miss Ruben…


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