My Dad Says i Cuss Too Much


my cousin john is on AIM

my father is on AIM

This nigga john… tells my father… HEY! you should check out OJ’s web log thing. its pretty good. ( dont know why this nigga said that shit… everybody knows oj doesnt cuss in front of the parental units… and this nigga has read this shit… and KNOWS me lol he knew what was up… muthafucka… lol ) so, my dad ask me for the url, and i was like…. damn… oh well lol fuck it, gave my father the url. knowin he was gonna see all the filth flarn filth i buss on this shit. lol so my father comes back and is like. Your Site looks nice, by the way… you cuss too much. lol but… this is tha same nigga who got me cussin in tha first place…

1. from cussin at me lol

2. from just cussin around the house

3. from cussin at other muthafuckas

4. did i say cussin at me?

lol im really wondering why he would even be suprised or say somethin like that lol

And even after that… HIS MOMS my grand mother ( RIP ) used to cuss MORE than him…

Thats what really got me goin lol since i was a wee lad… since i was like 6… had tha breif break when i slipped around my tattle tell ass sister and she told on a nigga and i recived that nice lil ass kickin… BUT! lol whats tha guts about that shit is… i got cussed at while i was gettin my ass kick… aboud cussin… kinda shit is that?!?!

( note to self: kick sister in tha chin for that shit )

Anyway. i just thought tha shit was funny.

13 Responses to “My Dad Says i Cuss Too Much”

  1. Brittney

    Hey I feel you gurl mah parents curse at me all the time then talkin about you can’t curse and shit like that or if I curse they’ll woop mah ass or somethin like that well thats all I gotta say lol ~1~

  2. *hahaha* Nigga you are a fool! That sounds like my dad, all the cussin’ he’s done all these years and now that he’s “saved” he’s tryin to tell somebody how much they cuss, and even now he’s still cussin like a sailor…gotta love hypocrites..;-)

  3. Man, im a white gurl, and peopls always tellin me shit like, white people dont cuss, so shut up alredy! And i just knock the fuck out of they ass, and then ask if they want more….Most of the time they say no, but…Im 14 right now, and ever since i wuz like 5 ive cussed, and my parents dont care, unless i cuss them out or wuteva…