Uhmah Park

Muthafuckas say…

yea… i dont like raw fish! i dont eat raw fish! sushi? ugh! im so cool on raw fish…

but them same muthafuckas are quick to eat a tuna sandwich.

yes… i am guilty of this lol.
i just realized yesterday night ( morning… it was like 4am ) when i was making me some of the best tuna ever… that tuna is indeed raw fish. uncooked like a muhfucka.
dah well lol.
i never thought about that shit before…
and i know tons of people who swear they never eat raw fish, but ive seen them niggas make a tuna sandwich lol.
we cant all not be fulla shit lol.

— edit —

ok… much to my fridgin chagrin, i have been fridgen informed that tuna is fuckin cooked. who muthafuckin knew?
i for muthafuckin one… certainly fridgen the fuck did gotdamn not.
but… on the brighter side of things… i still dont eat raw fish. it goes down.


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