Uhmah Park

Man i can not for the life comprehend why in the fuck muhfucka feel tha need to bite a muthafucka WHOLE name.


i most people have been to chat and has seen that guy who’s screen name is “METHOD_MAN_WUTANG_36” or some retarded ass spin off like that. or just on the net in general… ( or bp ) and seen some muhfucka with a wack ass spin off of somebody elses fuckin idenity……


are you that fuckin wack as a person that you can not come up with a spin off of your own damn name? or some shit like you? or do? or ( since everybody is a fuckin rapper these days ) a wack stage name……or somethin… fuck… i was just at some site… and i seen some shit where a muhfucka just took a nigga whole fuckin name. like fuck it… this is my screen name… imma use tha shit… like i thought of it or just fuck it… he probably doesnt be on tha net anyway… so he wont miss the name… or even find out…

i cant even fucking begin to want to maybe hope to venture off into a muhfucka thoughts and discover why they would want to do some shit like that. foreal… how wack are you…. tha shit makes no sence at gotdamn all.

I could understand if you have a alis… muthafuckas on tha net is crazy… and WILL stalk a muhfucka… i know… ive seen some shit/been thru some shit… but to just gank an idenity? why? i dont fuckin get it… why?

i have no clue why that shit irritates tha fuck out of me…. but it does. bad… real bad.

if i wasnt so sleepy… id probably have more to say… but at tha moment… for some reason… im just baffled.

sucka ass jive turkeys!