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Changing Lanes – Good movie i suppose… i wouldnt watch it again… not that it sucked… i mean… shit… forwhat? ( if youve seen it you can probably understand my point ). To tell the truth, thats just not tha kinda person i am… i cant watch movies like this more than once. But if you havent seen it… go see it… Sam L is one of my favorite actors.

Tha Ladies Man- finially… lol that shit was tha fuckin guts

Duce Bigalo, Male Gigalo- once again… finially saw this shit… twas tha damn guts too…

Bamboozeled- Hm… now… i saw two funny movies ( ladies man and duce bigalo ) then i saw this movie… and damn… it kinda murdered tha laughing mood i was in. but its cool… this was a good movie… id watch it again. when it first came out i heard bad things about it… and it wasnt playin NO where near me… closest place was like a hour away… and by the time it got to video i forgot about it.

anyway… everybody needs to see this damn movie… because tha shit still applies… i damn near took down this blogger after it was over. but i still maintain that this shit is for my entertainment, i go back and read tha shit i write… fymf.

tha shit that cracked off in tha movie applies to most black entertainment today… word tha hell up.


Found the Special Deleivery remix with Ghost… tha uncencored version ( i hate radio versions of anything. ). That shit is FUCKIN HARD.

i like different shit… and dell put a nigga up on some Massive Attack ( actually tha homie dru did… but i was tryin to hear that shit then… i have to do shit on my own terms ) and i been bumpin that for a min… and that nigga Calvin ask me tha other day about portishead. Dru was tellin me that they was pretty damn fresh too but i forgot all about em… anyway… Calvin downloaded a few tracks… and i ASKED him to share with a nigga… but he has been bullshiting for…….. umm… this is day 3 of bullshit from tha killa… so i went on my own lil rampage on Winmx ( Napster Reincarnated… i love this damn thing ). got me a ganga portishead shit… ill probably never listen to it all.

i have 2 gigs of hot shit that i have yet to go thru yet…

i got ashanti’s whole album… wasnt for me tho… its for syl. i been tryin to tell her i heard this shit sucks.. but she dont wanna hear me… so i snatched it… we’ll see… i guess i can listen to it.

Nirvana… i havent heard a song from these fools that i didnt like yet… i guess im about to tho… some guy on winmx has damn near everything they ever made… and i estimate in another couple of hours… i too will have everything those guys ever recorded… ( or at least a healthy portion )

Sublime… these guys get live too… never heard a song from them i didnt like either… ill work on them tommorrow.

Ras Kass… dude album need to come out before i have to choke the shit outta somebody…

Mos Def… Heard his shit is being pushed back because ( the name of his label goes here ) isnt payin him like he wanna be paid i suppose… lol i get a daily email from ( even tho i dont ever remember signing up for that shit ) it said that mos said in a interview… slavery ended a long time ago and somebody needs to tell them fools that… or something to that effect… it was pretty gutty.

DJ Diesel Boy… This guy lol thas tha homie… i used to not like drum and bass… but he has put me on to some shit ( his tracks… fuckin bastard lol )… its pretty decent… somethin new for me. that shit be havin my walls shakin… and i apperciate anything that makes my walls thump ( for the most part ).

Mob Hits… i love them old frank sinatra, dean martin , sammy d cuts… i be walkin around singin them shits… and when im in tha car i be singin violent ass melodys on how imma run over pedestrians, shot people in the car in front of me bullshitin and other road rage hymes lol.

Jimi… got some new jimi… it should crack… i need to go thru my jimi folder… i know i got some repeats and bad sound songs in there.

P funk… speaking of goin thru folders… i just went thru my p funk folder and deleted all my duplicates and bad sound tracks… MAN i love me some p funk… and just old ass Funk Classics period… that shit helps me work… GET UP FOR THE DOWN STROKE!!!

Aceyalone… why in tha FUCK can i not find the whole ” A book of human launguage ” anywhere? i cant even buy that shit from anywhere… that shit is starting to piss me off… im missing like 4 tracks…

Spoken word… I hate spoken word… well… not hate… just really dont like… i dont like poetry.. and yes… i am aware that hiphop is poetry yap yap yap… i just cant fuck with it for some reason… i dont like def poetry, and i just know saul williams by name. its not wack… dont get me wrong… its just not my cup of tea. With that said… i do find it odd that Aceyalone and Mos Def are two of my favorite MCs. go figure…

Guy… lets chill… thats my shit… lol

Dance hall… Ah man… the homie OD gets BUSY on the mixed tapes… imma have to buss a link to his site. this guy has two cd’s he put together that are fuckin bangin… he even made a couple beats on tha shit that are pretty live. Nigga did tha whole shit on his computer… which is pretty admerable.. because ive tried tha same shit and dammit… its fuckin hard… dude mixed tha whole thing on his shit. hats off… that shit is difficult. he is about to come with a third cd and this man is swearing buy it… it should crack… i have faith lol. AND TOO good lookin on tha part of tha homie Drea… she be puttin me up on some tight shit too. even tho i be havin to look for tha shit my self and she dont wanna send me shit lol.

SoulChaser… Speaking of mixed tapes… Dj OhSoKool ( i think i spelled his shit wrong )also has a mixed tape out called SoulChaser volume one. ( i think… copy and paste muhfuckas im lazy ) its pretty smackin. i have some shit very similar to this called ” Tha Waxxion Collection ” its kinda deep… but im not tryin to put that shit out ( or at least i dont intend to ). Soul Chaser is basicly slow songs mixed together on one cd… it cracks. Tha homie also has a radio show in NY thats pretty live too.

DJ Qbert… gets pretty live

Blade 2 Sound track… half of it is decent… i liked it.

Save Your Love For Me… by Nancy Wilson Featurin Cannonball Aderley ( spelled that hella wrong ). Dammit… this is one of my top 10 favorite songs ( thats not hiphop ) ever.

Total… man what ever happen to them? fuck what you heard… this is my favorite R & B group of all time… second to another well known trio of course… but i have to keep that to my self. because i dont feel like people talkin more shit to me than they have… plus i got my own reasons… anyway… Total is tha shit… both albums they came out with were tight… i dont care what anyfuckinbody says. Kissing You and Beautiful are 2 of my top 10 favorite songs of all time ( that arent hiphop of course lol ) sadly… both of my damn Total Cd’s were fuckin Stolen… so imma have to get my download on… ( moment of silence for my gaffeled cd’s ). i think imma have a tad bit of trouble finding that shit… if any reader of this weblog is willing to hook a nigga up or make some kinda deal… i got what you need lol… ( feel like tha dope man ) get at me.

dj quik… has some new shit out called trouble thats pretty tight

jay z… i dont know where tha fuck this came from or who album its on… but its calld guess whos back… shit is tight…

e 40 and b legit… lol i guess im just a cali product… because this shit be bangin to me… and its werid because i usually dont like northern cali shit. shit… i barely like northern cali period lol. but thats just a califorina thing… people from northern cali hate southern cali… cant imagine why for the life of me tho… it sucks up there.

lisa lopez… ive seen her name spelled lopes and lopez… which one is it? i always thought it was lopez? RIP… her death is unfortunate… and she will be missed by her friends and family… i didnt know her personally and im not about to pretend to… i just knew one person that knew her… and im pretty sure he is gonna miss her. TLC is tha shit… ive always liked TLC. i was waiting for thier next album to drop.. i heard it still was… but i dont know.

Ceelo… man… that shit is VERY soulful… tha most soulful hiphop album ever possibly lol. Good lookin on the part of non other than tha Killa him self ( Calvin ) event ho he bullshited on that portishead he was suppose to send a nigga… fuckin bastard lol.


Ice Cube… sigh… this guy needs to make another Death Certificate or somethin similar to that era of music he was puttin out at that time. just please jump back on some i dont giva steaming shit, shit. but i can understand why he aint doin that shit no more… im pretty sure he’s makin WAY more money doin tha radio friendly shit he’s doin now. nigga get movie deals n shit now… psshh fuck it… id probably do tha same shit. but fuck.. at least can niggas get together and put out that NWA album that was suppose to come out?!?! shit lol im dyin over here lol

i think ive typed enough.

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