Uhmah Park

i was thinking earlier….

i wonder how the hiphop world would take to a mc who didnt brag about being a criminal and doing criminal like things… but a mc who was on some justice shit? like instead of bussin about sellin drugs… he buss and brag about how he be bringing criminals to justice n shit. bussin his guns at criminals to put em behind bars n shit like that.

i dont know…. lol
it was just a thought i had…

i was thinkin like… what if his name was MC Super Hero. or some shit like that…
and he was on some super hero shit. lol instead of bragin about bitches and money he didnt really have… drugs he didnt ever sell… jail time he never did. Maybe he could rap about super powers he dont really have… and drug lords he never locked up or some shit lol. i dont know lol

and his rap would be like…

im mc super hero
i got hella heat like pacino…
for all bank robbers who wanna skate off with mad de nerio
and extra rounds
for several rounds
of gun play go round
evil doers is goin down
in boomtown
them niggas know how i get down
i hit the block
they snappin up all they locks
criminals is seein cell blocks
even dirty cops
them niggas with a just a couple of rocks
shit stashed in they socks
with dirty glocks.

lol shit i dont know i cant rap…i think personally it would be funny as fuck tho.
id buy the album if it was dope and had enough bangin beats lol
what will be real fucked up tho… if a muthafucka read this… and actually have the balls to try the shit. and it WORK!
i mean… why wouldnt it? hiphop is always on some different shit. rappin about smackin bitches was new at one point too.
if a nigga get paid offa this shit… imma be mad lol. seriously…… but then again. i dont know. because… i wouldnt get my black ass up there and do it lol. i suppose long as i made money off the shit… i couldnt be all that pissed lol maybe i could make that niggas web site or some shit lol.
www.mc-superhero.com lol

lol alright. im done.


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