Uhmah Park

i still like that gas face track… that shit is classic material! Right now… Calvin’s Sell out ass would be a reciepiant of a sour ass gas face. Now that i think about it lol.


I swear, i dont publish this shit with any real intentions, other to tell a story about something that happen to me. or to give my view on shit i see and might happen to be apart of.
Today i was looking thru the searches that people proform on this site… and i have to say. some people must really remember shit because they are Calling for real specific shit. Like: “BumPorn” Now i swear to GOD, if forgot all about this shit lol. when i saw it in the logs… i thought to my self. Fuck… somebody is disturbed as fuck! BumPorn? what the fuck? But… i am not sober. so i had a second thought. that was this: ” nigga you know? you might have said that.” so i went with it… curious to find what a muthafucka might find when they did that search on my site ( imma have to try google in a second lol ). and low and behold. i do have a fucking entry about BumPorn!
i read that shit like OH YEA!?!? Im the guts for that shit.
And that is actually my WHOLE reason for starting this fuckin thing. Because i wanted to write down some of the retarded shit i say, think, and have done/been thru/whatever else. i wanted to write it down and have a archive, so i can read back thru them. and possibly get a laugh or 8.
and once again. i have served me well. i like when i do that!
Anyway… another search was for The Ghetto Snack Hour ( which imma have to bring back now that i think about it! because i did that shit earlier. ). Now there is no way in the fuck somebody wasnt looking for that specifily. i just read that shit and was laughin like a muthafucka. like i didnt write the shit. lol. i was thinking of shit, and then there it would be right in the next sentace. it was werid lol.

Somebody searched for BMG. probably him lol. somebody else searched for Wendell and then right after that, Dub. that was probably him. but there aint no tellin with all the Wendell groupies around. Muthafuckas be talkin that shit about me, but that there is the nigga with the e-following. and he dont even got a gotdamn website! lol

i dont know who would have done a search for www.so-rekless.com. even tho i still thing thats a dope website.

somebody did a search for Meano Mandingo Now that shit was the guts. thats some Five27 exclusive shit lol. youre not going to see that shit anywhere else! lol.
i come up with some outlandish shit sometime.

Anyway. my intentions were not to be funny really when i started this. or shit… even now when type shit out. What it is…. is. the person that i am. i think of the most FUCKED UP THING POSSIBLE to say first. then i try my best to take steps down from that. sometimes i can make it. sometimes i cant… and i say some mean shit. and people get mad, or if im NOT talking about you, then other muthafuckas have a tendancy to laugh at the cost of some unfortuanate shit. Which makes You, the Reader ( who laughed ) just as fucked up as me. HA!

Anyway… that ghetto snack hour shit has me wanting a cheese toast something serious.


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