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Mase Can You Please Stop Smokin La La
Puff why try…I’m a thug, I’m a die high

you remember that shit? that old puff and mase shit? everybody thought mase said puff wha imma ug immadahhah. well at least i did… because i never really tried to hear what that nigga was saying, because every time i heard the gotdamn song… i didnt want to hear it. every single time. even still, i couldnt help but ask my self… what in the fuck is immadahhah?!

but a few years ago the homie was telling me that mase be saying some shit ( at a closer listen… he does ). then he actually typed out that line for me and i was like DAMN!!! thats what that nigga be saying?! i woulda never fucking guessed!!!

at that moment i stoped hating mase all the way. it was more like… eehhh i dont hate him, but i still aint trying to hear that shit. whatever.

Anyway… i bring that shit up for a few reasons…

intially…. ummm mase a thug? yea alright lol i mean… it could be possible on some kinda level. because you can never tell with some niggas. people think that nigga is slow… i say he just take his time maybe lol. but hell… the nigga could really be slower than a dyslexic turtle. who knows… who cares…

secondly tho… people ask me sometimes… OJ, you think you could ever just stop smoking. or even just stop smoking for like 2 weeks or even a month. at this point id like to remind the muthafuckin masses that i only smoke on the weekends most of the time… twice during the week is alot for me. Anyway…
I reply… yea i could. But why would i? i have absolutley NO reason to not smoke. i dont smoke to get away from shit to escape my problems or make me a better person. i smoke because i like to fuckin smoke. end of story. shits great to me. i dont want to feel like that all the time. i dont smoke to have a good time. Although, i cant say its easy to have a fucked up time when youre blowed lol. But believe it or not… im realativly the same nigga when im blowed. there are differences… some big some not so big… you can hardly even tell when im blowed. Youd have to really know me to know that im fucked up. and still might have a hard time then. i dont look it on my face… my eyes dont get super low or red, and i have the same deminer for the most part. Youd have to really be up on my sober tendances AND my blowed behaviors to tell.
Honestly… some of the shit people laugh at that ive written on this blogger… i was completely sober when i had the thought, or when i did some shit that im writing about.
I have mastered my high… i cant say i had that shit under control right off the back… but eventually… after smoking long enough. i got the hang of the shit.

i remember the first time i smoked some chronic… i was in pheonix at this party with some of my coworkers n shit. i took ONE good hit of that shit…. and thought i was fuckin super nigga. i didnt think i could do any damn thing… i just THOUGHT i wasnt high. key word… thought. i was like the second nigga to hit the shit. and by the time it got to the 4th person… the person before me and the two people after me are all like… OH im COOL! im pretty high. and here go super nigga ( me ) on some… damn really? im not even blowed! but… i was… because what i failed to fucking realize at the time was that i was STUMBLING to my left. like… my whole person would slightly tilt to the left and i would have to catch my self. i did not realize this shit tho. at all.
so after i say im not blowed at all. the other three guys kinda look at each other like… … really?
guess not… so the homie albert says… smoke the rest then!
i took two more hits of that shit and it was done… at this point anybody reading this shit with a decent reading comprehension score is going to think to themselves… hmm… ok… if one hit did him like that… then what did three hits total do?
Well… my leaning to the left got WAY WORSE! like… damn near fall over bad. Me and these other three dudes is all standing around in a circle just shootin the shit. and i promise you yall… the gotdamn world started to lean from left high to low right, i still remember that shit clearly lol. and here go my black ass trying to tilt my body and my head to even the world out as i see it. and of course… im still stumbling because im leaning like a MUTHAFUCKA now! like i was totally devoid of all the neturients that V8 fills ones body with ( remember those commercials? with the white people walkin all titled to the side n shit). kinda like the micheal jackson smooth criminal video… but like to the left instead of straight forward. and OF FUCKING COURSE this is phyically impossible… so im stumbling BAD at this point… trying to hold it together. so im talkin n shit… stumbling… and i dont know… nobody really noticed……… until i decided to show them how blowed i was. at this point i was fucking confused and was ASBOLUTLY sure something was up. so i asked my three partners in inbreation “Say… umm… is the world leaning to yall?”
these muthafuckas all three at the same time STOPED asking themselves.. what in the fuck did he just say.
I saw this in thier eyes… so i asked again lol. but this time… id be more clear. “… like… the earth… is it tilting n shit. because im looking at the ground and its like… slanted to the left.”
These muthafuckas fell the fuck out laughing at me.
then i knew… oh… i must be REALLY FUCKING BLOWED!!!
i was so high them niggas didnt wanna let me drive home until like an hour later ( yes ive been too high to drive more than 10 times… anyway… ). the dudes i was smokin with was mexican… and after these niggas finished laughing at me… or caught they breath… the homie albert was like… i was wondering why you kept sliding over ay!?
i said, what?
he goes on and explains to me… yea… every since your first hit… youve been taking steps to your left and then coming back… then youd keep going… like you wanted to tip over or something. i was wondering what the fuck was wrong with you.
This fool was pretty blowed his self so he didnt really catch on at first.
Anyway… i didnt mean to get into all that. lol. but that was my first ever Chornic High. the first time i smoked and got blowed tho… some whole different shit happen. i guess ill post that another time.

The third reason why i bring up this old mase quote is because this nigga JD ( Juave Diaz ) has posted another entry to the chronic-ils about his attempts on quitting mary jane.
… now that i think about it. this nigga has a hard time getting away from any girl, that he’s EVER been with lol. but thats why he’s a Juave! the ladies love him and cant get enough of him. they tie thier undergarments to his windshield wipers when he parks his car in public places.
JD, actually, is the teller of all truths. rather really true or true because he wants it to be. JD is really short for JeDi. im convinced. this nigga be using the force on females. them old JeDi mind tricks n shit… waving his hand with some new truth for muthafuckas. this nigga has been COLD BUSTED by a girl… the girl had the PROOF in her muthafuckin HAND! PHYICALLY!!! and to make a long story short… this nigga JD got her to believe that the evidence she had IN HER HAND and SAW WITH HER OWN TWO EYES… was basiclly false. and yea… she believed him and it was all good afterwards. she put it down, he snatched it… never to be seen again. but it didnt matter, because a NEW TRUTH had been manifested and thats what it was and was gone be. PERIOD! So sayith the truth himself… Juave Diaz. aka The Golden Boy. because the truth is good as gold! JD is the truth and the light and his word can not be disputed OR quested! anybody who goes against the word of The Truth himself is obviously a gotdamn Liar, and is not to be trusted at all. Which im sure he will make me out to be if he ever reads this. but i mean hey… i guess ill be that.

Im pretty sure somebody out there is saying to themselves… why is this nigga talking about JD like this? JD, RJ and I have a lil thing we do called “Hype” ( thats how we came up with “Juave”, talkin about RJ ass lol ) and basiclly what we do is we make anybody around us look super great to divert attention away from ourselves, and super put that person on blast, on the spot, and anything else that has to do with way too much attention that any one person would ever want. no matter how much spot light they was after. even micheal jackson would be uncomfortable, let niggas start talkin on him lol.
im not sure… but i think the way this started out is… niggas was attempting to mask thier triffles and tried to out some one else in an attempt to divert attention away from them selves. actually… it could be anything from something skanless a nigga did… to something super great a nigga is into to something a nigga aint really SUPPOSE to be doing, but did it anyway because he could. but niggas is shy and modest about they shit sometime, so we try to down play shit and talk on somebody else. like when wendell went and coped that 700 dollar belt made of panda hide, there are only 73 belts like this in the entire world ( Jay Z has one, so does Russel Simmons ) because they are crafted by 3 Chinese people in a small villiage in the middle of china some where. like this place aint even on a map… you gotta ask like 7 people how to get there from place to place n shit. and there are so few because its illegal to hunt pandas, so you gotta wait for one to die and then make the belt and shoes… yes there are shoes… wendells is on back order. but he will get his before brad pitt n shit. they only got the left one made… they waiting to find another dead panda to make the right. i dont know how true this is… but they might make him a jacket to match his whole shit, dont tell nobody tho. after niggas found out, this nigga tried to start talkin about other niggas n shit ( inside joke from new years!! )
As you can probably tell… some of the hype is untrue… some of it hella true… some of it is a BIT stretched… and some of it is HELLA stretched… with my friends tho, youd never really know. Please note that Wendell really does have a white and black belt with very soft fine hair on it.
LMAO!!! anyway…
if JD ever gets around to reading this… i know the response is gonna be the fucking GUTS ( shit wendell too now lol )… but let me cast the first stone on this internet platform. on some premeptive (sp) strike shit lol. (high five G-DUB!) We always said that if one nigga started crackin jokes on the other one ( like the bumble bee story wasnt intially bad enough lol ) then we would have a full out joke war on each other. lol so i think im probably up for that Joke Fatwah now… but fuck it. its all fun and games till somebody has there business a lil TOO MUCH aired out lol. lol thats happen more than a few times lol.

man… this entry was kinda like a simpsons episode… started off on one thing… and ends on another… yet its still all kinda tied together.


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