Uhmah Park

March is over…
and its a great thing.
i fuckin hate march… this was a hard month… mainly because of all the march people birthdays i had to remember and deal with. That shit sucked.

People always ask me… oj… what is your beef with females born in march? Well, let me clear it up. For whatever reason… i am weak when it comes to females born in march… its like i gravitate to them. i am natrually attracted for some odd reason… no matter what the fuckin situation… ol girl could be ugly…. and i will STILL kinda like her ass. it sucks. honestly it does… because i have the hardest time saying NO to these individuals. And so… over the years i have been so wronged by so many March females. They just love to give a nigga the HARDEST TIME EVER ( its thier fuckin trademark ), and basiclly drive my ass crazy.

Good thing for me… over these painful years i have learned the methods and ways of these individuals and i can see thier bullshit coming miles and miles away lol. i know alot of them would like to think that they dont ALL do tha same shit… but they do… its the guts really. my skin is getting thicker and thicker as the years pass. Thier bullshit just slides right the fuck off a nigga back… or i dodge that shit all together. sigh… its getting better. Soon… i will be tottaly ammune to them and thier difficultness, and my life will be that much better.

But untill that glorious day… i will keep at least 5 march females in my life… no matter HOW hard i try to shake them niggas lol. and they will continually drive my black ass crazy with thier retard ass ways… and thier difficultness. But as much shit i talk… i truely have a soft spot in my heart for them. and i dont honestly think i will ever go anywhere. i am truely cursed. lol thats why i refer to march females as the spawns of satan sent to earth to destory me. lol ha

Anyway… id like to give a birthday shout out to all the march people that are still in my life. individually of course because them niggas would bitch and moan any other way… and i really dont need that shit lol. now that i think about it… they would probably all want an individual entry… and thats where i draw the line… im lazy fuck that lol

March 9th – Marina — Marina is cool and adorable… just young. But its ok. doenst really act like a march person up front… but that shit shines thru every once in a while. She is gonna drive my Black ass crazy lol. or at least give it a real good shot.

March 12th…. or 8th… or… 14th maybe 13th — Natasha — she doesnt read this shit anyway so it doesnt matter if i got it wrong lol plus i have a damn good excuse. Anyway… i just got back in contact with her recently ( after a 3 years of being apart ) … i miss her to death. i have been trying to replace her for a long time. Note– any of my friends/cousins who reads this… FUCK YOU! in advance! —

March 18th – Errin — my newest friend… errin is great. errin is fun to go out with, she is a buncha fun alltogether… and the gotdamn guts! i always have fun with errin. she attempted to drive me crazy too… but it aint happening! She is still great tho.

March 20th – Dani — Dani is cool… she is one of my internet friends… but for whatever reason… most of my other internet friends dont like her lol. and i cant figure out why. Oh well… i like dani. When she came out here we got to kick it for a second… it was tha guts.

March 29th – Peta Gay — lastly… we have the lovely peta gay. i have been knowing peta gay for a long time… and we have a long….. umm interesting ( to say the least ) history. i love me some peta gay… and i miss her a bunch… she never has time for me ( like i have time for anybody my self ) because she is busy with law school. Even tho she stays right down the damn street. we never get to see each other any more. She did indeed drive my black ass crazy… and still can some fuckin how ( not as much as before tho ) . she will drive a nigga straight up the fuckin wall. Still love her no matter what tho.

and now… i am emotionally drained… and i have to take a gotdamn nap lol.


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