Uhmah Park

i have a friend name Nikki

she stays in tennessee

in a small town in tennesse

she works in a hotel

she dont really do too mucha shit….

shes like a manager there or some shit.

lol look at this shit right here lol

Nikki: : woooo weee sometimes this job is off the hook

O.com: : why is that?

Nikki: : ole gurl dun came out here and her man upstairs wit another woman

O.com: : OH NO!!!

–HMFIC Commentarty– it gets wrose!

Nikki: : shit she wit another nigga

O.com: : dont do it!!

O.com: : OH NO!!

Nikki: : but she spotted his truck

Nikki: : and she clowning!!!!!!!

Nikki: : lmao

O.com: : oh no!

O.com: : why is she up there with another dude?>

Nikki: : how she gonna say shit?

Nikki: : thats what I wanna kno

O.com: : how does a couple go to tha same hotel to cheat on each other?

–HMFIC Commentarty– fuckin trifflin right?? sigh… lets keep moving tho.

Nikki: : nigga I literally got some popcorn and is chillin being nosey

Nikki: : man dis a small ass town

O.com: : lol

Nikki: : and we the best rooms…plus we are the cheapest on the weekends

Nikki: : got*

O.com: : lol

Nikki: : man

Nikki: : she asking me what room he in

Nikki: : Im like I dont know

Nikki: : didnt see him

Nikki: : lol

Nikki: : she like, the room must be in that bitch name who is the bitch….Im like :-/ dunno

O.com: : lol

Nikki: : I hope he dont come down

O.com: : shit… i do

–HMFIC Commentarty– lol im skanless… so what?

Nikki: : lmao

O.com: : you woke me up with that shit

Nikki: : cuz u kno Imma tell u about it

Nikki: : lol

O.com: : YES!

Nikki: : she callin his cell now

O.com: : are they white are black?

O.com: : LOL HAHA

Nikki: : BLACK!

–HMFIC Commentarty– damn….. niggas and flies… ALWAYS on some shit.

O.com: : she dont hear you typin away about tha shit

Nikki: : so u kno its on!

O.com: : ahh niggas these days

O.com: : hell yea

Nikki: : she aint payin me a bit of attention

Nikki: : lol

O.com: : lol

Nikki: : hell naw

Nikki: : she talkin bout, nigga I know u out here Imma knock on every fukkin door til I find yo ass

O.com: : OH NO!!

Nikki: : I think its a vmail msg she leaving him

O.com: : lol

O.com: : time out…

Nikki: : man Imma have to call the police on her ass lol

O.com: : where is tha dude she with at?

O.com: : lol damn

Nikki: : out in the car like a fool

Nikki: : i would have ball’d off on her ass

O.com: : LOL

O.com: : you know?

O.com: : who is the dude?

O.com: : do you know?

Nikki: : mmhmmm

Nikki: : I know all parties involved

Nikki: : lol

–HMFIC Commentarty– THIS NIGGA HERE?!?!? she knows EVERYBODY? gotdamn lol

O.com: : OH NO! lol

O.com: : how do you know them?!?!

Nikki: : told u……small ass town lol

Nikki: : I went to school wit ole girls boyfriend and he use to go with my cousin

Nikki: : the girl he wit, I went to school wit her sister and is cool wit the girl myself

Nikki: : I kno the girlfriend, she graduated with one of my older cousins and so did the dude she wit

Nikki: : and he married

O.com: : GOTDAMN!

Nikki: : lol

O.com: : i have to post this shit in my weblog lol

Nikki: : lmao

Nikki: : man Im glad u on…only ya ass can appreciate good drama wit me lol

O.com: : hell yea

–HMFIC Commentarty– lets start to comeplete the murder….

Nikki: : hmmmm

Nikki: : she wants the room n e way

Nikki: : should I put her next door to him?

Nikki: : or across the hall?

O.com: : …….. hmmm…

O.com: : across tha hall…. lol

Nikki: : yeah

O.com: : better chance of gettin busted

Nikki: : so when they open dem doors niggaz gonna be like :O

O.com: : niggas in your town is janky lol

Nikki: : lmao

O.com: : yes!!

Nikki: : hell yeah they is

Nikki: : and Imma give em both a wake up call @ noon

Nikki: : damn Imma have to get up and come back out here shit

O.com: : LMAO

O.com: : hell naw

O.com: : your janky!!!

Nikki: : and proud! 😀

O.com: : damn

Nikki: : aiight she gone to get the money from dude

Nikki: : her boi in room 248

Nikki: : Im puttin her across the hall in 247

O.com: : damn lol

O.com: : this is too tha guts

–HMFIC Commentarty– tha murder is comepleted… she killed it all the way with that shit lol

Nikki: : lol

Nikki: : man let dem see each other before 7am

Nikki: : Imma have ya box flooded wit shit

Nikki: : lmao

O.com: : LOL

O.com: : yo ass is gonna be responsible for a homocide

Nikki: : naw

Nikki: : not me

Nikki: : lol

O.com: : yea huh…

Nikki: : and I kno ole boy not sleep

Nikki: : shit they just checked in not too long ago

Nikki: : hold on

O.com: : ok

Nikki: : yeah he up

Nikki: : they ordered a movie

Nikki: : 😀

O.com: : LOL

O.com: : ha ha

Nikki: : oh hell naw

Nikki: : check it

O.com: : lol

Nikki: : I gotta deliver this express checkout form to room 243

Nikki: : what if I accidently knock on room 248 while they goin to their room


Nikki: : lol

O.com: : they will KNOW you are behind it lol

Nikki: : aiight Im not gonna set it off

Nikki: : lol

O.com: : shit… you might fuck around and blow it because that nigga will look out tha peephole first

O.com: : espeically if he checked his celly messages lol

Nikki: : ya know!

Nikki: : lol

O.com: : and TIME OUT…

O.com: : how she KNOW her man is in that hotel… and still gonna get a room anyway

Nikki: : thats what I wanna kno

Nikki: : she like fukk it

Nikki: : lol

O.com: : hell naw

Nikki: : dude she wit finna get either some good ass sex or she gonna bitch all night

O.com: : lol

O.com: : id be hot if she bitched all night

Nikki: : hell yeah

Nikki: : be some domestic violence in tha room fa real

O.com: : film that shit

O.com: : ill put it on my site lol

Nikki: : O, the girl thats working when I get off just called and I told her the deal right….she was like if she hear one think she gonna call me so I can get the juice

O.com: : LOL aight

Nikki: : lol and our housekeepers cant hold water…and they know em too so I know they gonna run off at the mouf like a nigga on trail

–HMFIC Commentarty– Country ass saying… Cant hold water?!?! lol gotdamn… id be pissed somebody said that shit about me… do you know how BAD at keepin shit to your self for somebody have to come up with some shit like that to say about you??

Nikki: : trial*

O.com: : ha ha!! lol

O.com: : thas tha guts lol

that shit was tha guts…

lol man the purpose of the whole weblog is really not to be funny… but to report tha bullshit i see and go thru and that is reported to me…. and lets not forget tha bullshit that be on my mind.

only about 33% of tha retarded shit that goes on with me makes it to this thing.

lol man…. people these days…

Happy Birthday to Jill

lol one of my longest internet friends…. i been knowing her since 97 lol ( yes ive been on this shit for a min )