Uhmah Park

lol this might be a bit much for some people… but i was thinking about this the other day and i just had to ask somebody. I wasnt even blowed when i thought about this shit. i was just wonderin.
the muthafucka i had to ask… wanted to remain annoyomus, so i had to extend him that privlage… ol candy ass lol.

OJ: nigga this may be a lil gross…
OJ: but im thinking right….
OJ: i wonder if its easier or harder to wipe your ass if you have no ass…
OJ: … like if your flat assed.
SomeGuy: LMAO!!
SomeGuy: nigga I doubt it….I think a muthafuckas arms are made to reach the ass they have
SomeGuy: I know that when you work out way more than you should it be hard to wipe your ass though….
SomeGuy: when I first started hitting the gym my muscles were so tight I could barely do that shit
SomeGuy: LOL….I know that’s TMI…but you kinda brought that one on you….
OJ: lmao
OJ: alright nigga lol
OJ: im posting this shit… just so you know lol
OJ: lmao
SomeGuy: LOL…man…nah!!
OJ: yes nigga…
OJ: ill edit it lol
OJ: a lil lol


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