Uhmah Park

My cousin JD and I have phrases and terminology we use (as well as the rest of my friends) that say alot. One of those things is “Mail It In Friday’s” (or cash it in…)

This comes from those times where its a Thrusday night, and maybe youre planning on getting some work done on Friday, maybe youre gonna work hard in the morning and then bullshit the rest of the day, take an early day n shit.

Then all of a sudden, its Friday morning and youre trying your hardest to get something done but you keep going in circles. Bullshiting, getting up, walking around, making excuses. Usually when I catch myself doing this… I just cash it in, fuck it. Why waste time trying to do something Im trying to avoid doing for whatever reason (because its Friday and I got other shit on my mind). Id rather spend the time I waste on the net and talking to people actually doing something worth wild, instead of bullshiting. Or in the case of actually having a real job where it gotta look like youre working (been there too), I focus more on making it LOOK like Im working foreal. But really, I couldnt be bullshiting any harder lol.  I miss that shit sometimes, that shit is fun lol.
At the very least tho, I try to set up shit for Monday. I might be a bullshiter but productivity is still a must.

My only problem though. If Im not working, that usually leads to massive amounts of boredom for me lol. I feel it creeping up on me now.