Uhmah Park

This was probably one of the most HILARIOUS interviews I’ve seen on The Daily Show. It also just so happens, that Louis C.K. has a stand up called “Hilarious”… which lived up to its title. This interview, on the other hand, it started off funny as hell and ended even funnier! I cant believe I didnt post this when I first saw. But maybe I did, who knows. Anyway… towards the end of the interview, Louis wants to fit in that he wanted to say that the Pope fucks boys. Made Jon Stewart some what uncomfortable. But I think he was more worried about the legality of it all more than anything. Because he was laughing his ass off.
Here was Louis’ point though:


Theres only two kinds of people. There are people who are horrified and reviled by child touching with penises. And then theres the people who cant stop having sex with children. Theres no in between. Theres nobody whos like… I dont do it, but I get it. You know…


Hilarious! … and very true. Shame on you The Pope. But Im sure you know that already lol