Uhmah Park

Sigh… there is NO football on today.
i dont know what to do.
Sundays seem SO fuckin pointless with out football… its bad enough there is no more Monday Night Football.
Next week is the Super Bowl… but after that… there wont be football for MONTHS!
sigh… i got thru this shit EVERY YEAR. its bad… same shit happens at the end of basketball season. or when the lakers lose in the playoffs. shit sucks….

sigh… i guess i can work on sundays, like i usually do. or… fuck i dont know.

i need something to do! hbo dont even play good movies on sunday. as soon as it gets warm imma start runnin the streets again… like i usually do when its warm. or shit… i guess i can sit in the house and make money on sundays… that always cracks! lol


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