Live Updates of the bible

hm. while im thinking about it

im almost proud of white people.


well not really white people. just really bush and the rest of the government. because he is doin a decent job if you think about it. he hasnt put any arabs in a concertration camp yet. they did it to tha asians way back when. and they are talkin about the country needs to reconize that all muslims arent bad. its just those few. hm? actually… proud might be too strong of a word. Surprised would be better. they havent went on any of thier killin sprees or no shit like that lol. Better than they did us. But i say white people are still up to thier same tricks, they just have better methods than they used to have.

but i say not of all white people because the mass majority of white people are walking around treating arabs and even indians ( from india ) like shit… more so than they did before. Scared as hell when they get on a plane, being fucked up to them at the stores, bombing stores, yap yap yap yap. they just automaticlly assume because they see an arab on tv all day who they claim is responsible… all arabs must be terrorist. naw man… people need to start asking why and what.

Like Syl said… they didnt go and kill a ganga people, people die every day and nobody cares. they made an attempt on the american dollar, and now its serious.

But then again… the media can be held responsible for the public hating on arabs… they report the hate crimes, and thats it… they dont say people need to realize muslims arent all bad or anything like that. they do 8 different commentaries on how osama bin laden’s people ( which is false cuz it was al z… somethin’s people ) lived in america, went to the schools, interacted in society and how you really dont know if a terrorist is next door.

cant really say they are lying tho… because that shit did happen. and it is the truth, they could be next door. just like jeffery dahmer (sp) was, just like timothy mcvey (sp) was, just like all the child molestors are, and just like all them other crazy muthafuckas are. but you dont see “Hicks…..what you dont know about the bottom of the barrel” or no shit like that.

its terrible… the public listens to the news media like its a live update of the bible or some shit.

how do they have better methods?

because the government could put a end to the media saying that osama bin laden is responsible, and blame it on who REALLY mastermided tha whole thing, and not who funded it. They could have the media do 7 commentaires a day on tolarance and how peaceful most muslims are, which would have the public worried about who really did it. other than lookin cock eyed at ever arab they see.

But they let that shit go on… so arabs might as well be in concertration camps… they cant hide in plain veiw any more. they cant go no where with out being treated like shit. they cant do a damn thing. so instead of wasting military power on camps… they have a couple hundred million ( or whatever the population count is ) people that watch this ONE groups every move.

pretty damn ingenious if you ask me.

same tricks, different methods.

sorry if this seemed a tad bit choppy lol… i’ve been watchin the 91 finals, lakers vs the bulls. i was 12 and SO torn! i loved the lakers but michael was super fresh! and i wanted to see him win one! damn….

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  1. dowahdiddydiddy

    what jive ass bullshit! get jesse jackson to threaten the moslems that he will expose them as racist because they don’t have enough blacks! (son of a bitch does that every place else).

    sure it will be hard. but when you have pulled your head out of your ass, you will be able to see a bit better and actually think.