Uhmah Park

man… at my folks house… my father does most of the cooking. on saturday mornings, my dad used to wake up early as hell ( he is a early raiser like that ). and he make a big ass breakfast for all of us… my dad gets pretty damn live in the kitchen… so shit was ALWAYS spectacular.
My sister and I, as far as our sleeping habits go… we take after both our parents. but one thing we aint, is early risers lol my dad sleeps like four hours a night ( he used to be in the military ). my mom can sleep a day away like it aint shit lol. My sister and i can go either way… but we both prefer to get in our 8 hours… i dont know about my sister. but its an effort for me to get in 8 hours these days.
anyway… saturday mornings usually come after a friday night. which means everybody that AINT my dad probably blacked out sometime AFTER 2 am lol. meaning early morning wasnt really an option for us lol. But… my dad would have breakfast ready around 10. sometimes he would have jazz playin kinda loud while he was cookin… or watching a game… or be listening to one of minister Farrakhan speeches… or watching Tony Browns Journal. As breakfast was ready he would wake us up one by one. Sometimes either me or my sister was already awaken by the noise or the smell of greatness on the fire downstairs. i cant ever remember breakfast not being great. alot of times we would all sit around and talk for hours sometimes…. my parents and my sister and me. if we didnt sit around and talk after breakfast… sometimes we would break off and do our own thing… or if we didnt get enough rest… sheeeeeeeitttttt if you never thought I wasnt Black before, let me assure you. that i used to black SMOOTH OUT after some of them breakfasts… nice and full… couldnt shit keep me up. id be gone lol. Niggaitis is real and it will go straight up side your head after a good ass meal. BUT! thats some great ass sleep!

i miss that sometimes.

its damn near 4 am here… and gotdammit… ive had it BAD for some pancakes lately. the plan is… to wake up early… because although i might black out at 5am lol… i will wake up at least 3 times before around 11 or 12 when i roll out of bed. One of them times… i plan to get up and make me and mikey ( sylvias son ) some great ass pancakes with eggs, turkey bacon and a TALL glass of cold milk ( with ice in it! i dont care what nobody fucking says… thats the only way i can fuck with milk )… Oh my MUTHAFUCKIN GOD! that shit sound so good right now. Sylvia doesnt get any pancakes. She is on the Atkins diet. Pancakes have carbs… lol she says carbs are the devil lol shit is the guts. but she can have some Eggs and Turkey Bacon… it goes down!

ill post an update… possibly pictures….

i hope to black SMOOTH THE FUUUUUCK out after i finish my plate too. its should be pretty great.


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