Uhmah Park

these are a few things ive noticed, and i would like to point out.

Do you know the way to use ebay?

Have you seen that commercial? you know the ebay commercial with the female in the glasses with carpel tunnel?
First of all…. how did she get carpel tunnel? browsing ebay obsesively?? lol or did she trip and fall and fuck her wrist up practicing that lame ass dance. lol anyway… back to what i orginally wanted to talk about.
The commercial starts off with ol girls husband asking her how to use ebay… and then she breaks into a song that SHOULD be about HOW to use ebay. but if you listen to the the song… its really about what you can get on ebay, and oddly enough… tottally DEVOID of any ebay browsing instructions. why? thats not how the shit started off? that aint what dude ask for! i hope somebody lost their gotdamn job for that shit lol. dumb asses.

Weekend Insperation

On sundays, all gotdamn day… BET, airs a show they call Weekend Insperation. this is the SAME gotdamn station with a show called Uncut, where they play music video soft porn. honestly… what kinda shit is that? the only thing more backwards than this shit here, would be G dub voting for Kerry (lol you know that nigga is gonna need all the votes he can get lol). does anybody else see a problem with this? i mean gotdamn… if youre gonna fuck up. fuck it… fuck up all the way! play uncut all gotdamn day on sunday! does the program manager think by showing gospel and church all sunday, that they can make make right all the bullshit they show during the week AND saturday?! youre gonna have to try harder than that holmes!


Just once, would i like to meet one of them assholes that call those fuckin hot talk bullshit lines, lookin for to hook up with somebody that might possibly resemble those crate models that be in the commercials. lol fuckin losers. i wonder who would honestly fess up to that shit. like yea i call the Party Night Life line all the time… and oh boy is it fun!

You ugly, you ugly… yo mamma said you FUGLEH!

Janet Reno might be the UGLIEST goverment offical in all of history. like… really. even if she was a man, she has strom thurman beat by far. this bitch looks like The Terminator and the fuckin DESCALED Swamp Things Child of lust. i know she has gills… she has to. lol she should be in the fuckin smithonian some where lol. “Here, stands the ugliest bitch possible”. lol bitch get some botox! somethin, gotdamn! i know youre not happy with the way you look! that shit is written all over your face! lol you dont have to say a muthafuckin word! get some extra skin on your neck! it dont look like this muthafucka can turn her head 8 degrees in either direction! im glad i dont know her personally. i would have asked her to stop being so gotdamn ugly, more than twice. i dont think i could eat around her at all. she’d make me slam my subway down… like FUCK! janets here, and has kicked my appitite to hell. thank you… you ugly muthafucka you! fuck! she looks like she snacks on bolts to me for some reason. it looks like her lip stick is tatood on her too lol. uggghhh. anyway….

Missed Oppertunity…

did you hear about the dude from Iran, a would be competitor in judo… droped out because his first round opponent was from isreal? lol thas some true hate for that ass! he didnt wanna fight dude because, iran doesnt reconize isreal as a real country. lol you cant make that shit there up lol. but im sayin… YOU’D FUCKING THINK…. that any arab that got a chance to beat up on a jew in hand to hand contact would fucking jump at the oppertunity! why do i say that he would get to beat up on him? the dude from iran was the favorite for a gold medal!! the dude from isreal, nobody knew him! he was gonna get his ass kicked!!! i bet some judo master in palistine or iraq is sittin up there CUSSIN… like FUCK! youre blowing it!! WHOOP HIS ASS!!! DO IT FOR ME!!! FUCK! lol man… i would have stoped fuckin to see that shit lol. oh well lol. dick head lol. i guess they really dont like isreal tho. muthafucks will finance a car bomb. but physical combat? no no no, fuck that!! thats too gotdamn much for them! they wouldnt DARE! lol i dont understand lol. ok… so they dont reconize isreal as a country. this guy had damn near NO chance of losing to ol boy from is-it-real. he could have taken that cold jihad warm up and went on his way to his medal lol. loser!

This is exactly what you DONT want to do!

has anybody else noticed… that every since Tiger Woods started fuckin with that white girl… his game has been OFF. Then once he married her ass… he really fell the fuck off lol. now he is on the verge of losing his number 1 golfer in the world spot. this nigga has E true hollywood story written ALL thru his future! congradulations nigga! way to go! lol he couldnt find a nice lil asian girl like his daddy did? lol somethin lol. oh well lol.

thats it for now lol.
i got shit to do.


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